Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bloggers I'd love to meet

We all have our favourite blogs.  I have some blogs that I never and I mean NEVER miss a post.  I feel as though these people have become my friends.  Even though I have never met them, and a few I've never even e-mailed or anything with, but I would still LOVE to meet them. 

Although I have a long list of blogs I read (trust me, I do real all the blogs on my reader) this list of 10 bloggers are bloggers that I would LOVE to meet in person and have a coffee with, or have a playdate with. 

Here is my list:

(Ashley, I tried to grab your button but it wouldn't work)

You all know her...and who wouldn't want to meet Ashley??.  Ashley is who inspired me to start this blog and her telling us her secret, inspired me to tell mine
Not only is Ashley super duper rad, gorgeous, honest and sweet - she's SO nice.  She is one of the nicest bloggers out there.  She's real, and I have pretty  much read her entire blog from the first post to recent. 
She inspires me in SO many different ways.  Thank you Ashley, for being the coolest kid
 on the block and I can only hope one day to actually meet you in person. 


Lisa at Organized Chaos is sooooo sweet.  She has been supporting me for a while and I feel like she is always there when I need an ear to vent in.  She's super pretty and her boys are so handsome!. 

Lacee at Mommas Like Me is awesome...and I mean AWESOME!  We have quickly become bloggy BFF's and I would love to hang with her some day.  I can totally see us grabbing a coffee, or lunch together. 
Her blog is to die for and she is real and raw.  Her posts make me laugh, cry and gasp because some of them I swear she's writing about me and my life!.  Like this one, this one and this particular one made me sob my heart out!.  She was even kind enough to let me post on her blog - check out my post if you haven't already here.

Sadie is another one of my favourites.  I look forward to her posts.  She's so pretty, and has this love for fitness.  She has gotten in amazing shape after having her delicious little pea pod, Regan.  I can't forget to mention how crafty she is, and how talented she is.  

the pleated poppy blog

We all know Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy.  How cool would it be to spend a day with her and see how she home-schools her kids, sews, cooks, keeps her beautiful house clean and dresses with the latest fashion?

Momma Go Round

Nina from Momma Go Round is my fashion guru go to girl.  I check into her beautiful blog  I love her style and she has really made me branch out of my style rut and into some different clothes.  She has inspired me to embrace who I am and my curvy body but still be able to try different styles and colours. 
Thanks heaps Nina - and I can't wait to meet you one day. 

Everyone knows Sydney from The Daybook.  If you don't then you must live in a cave - nah, im teasing.  She is a celebrity in the blogging world.  I would love to site see with her.  She takes amazing pictures and how cute is her baby bump?!?!

Erin at Living in Yellow cracks me up.  I laugh every time I read her blog and look forward to the next post.  Shes uber sweet and funny, pretty, cool, and I think it would be such an amazing time to spend an evening out to dinner or something with her.  A girl can dream can't she?!

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under is so sweet.  She has so many followers but is still real and messages, comments, follows and e-mails.  AND, she has 3 kids who are super duper cute.  She's crafty and creative. 
(Trisha, I tried to grab your button but couldn't find it, sorry)

Ashley from The Shine project has the biggest heart.  Even though she is really busy doing her thang, she still gust posted on my blog AND offered a giveaway to one very lucky MM reader.  How nice is that?. 

Em at And Nothing Else Matters has quickly become a bloggy BFF.  She lives within a 5 or so hour drive from me and hopefully one day we can meet.  She is sweet and very supportive.  She always has such kind words for me and I love that about her.  Please go and check her out - I promise you will love her too :)

Michelle from Momma Bird is great too. Since I have 2 girls, I love hearing all about her adventures as a mom of 2 boys :)

Ofcourse there are many many other blogs I read and LOVE but these top 10 are people I have grown to love and don't miss 1 of their posts :). 

Heres a few others that I check into:


Which bloggers do you love and would like to meet?


kyna... said...

Seriously I am just in the middle of writing a post about the huge tangle of blogs you can get sucked in to! There are SOOOO many great ones out there!
♥ Kyna

Erin said...

You have no idea how happy you just made me :) to know you would actually want to spend time with me is such a compliment. I would love to meet YOU. Thank you!

Lisa said...

Aww...I made your list! :) I'm feeling a little special right about now! lol~ Wouldn't it be great to meet? I'd love to meet you also. You led me to LMM and I definitely enjoy her blog too. I also love Lacee's blog...Her little boy and mine seem so much alike it's crazy! Have a Super day...I'm going to bed!
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

Em said...

Oh wow! Thank you! Can't believe you included me. Talk about making a girl feel special. Just being mentioned in the same post as all those awesome ladies made my day. For real!

5 hours is nothing. Will have to do it one day for sure.

Again Nicole, thank you!! xo

Lacee said...

I seriously want to hop on a plane to Australia right now and give you the biggest hug EVER! You just made my day :) And yes we would get coffee, lunch, go shopping, do some crafting, a little baking...I can only imagine the fun that we would have! You are such an inspiration to me Nicole and I am SO VERY HAPPY that we are friends!

highheels2flipflops said...

Nicole, Thanks for linking me to some other great blogs. Most I already follow but there were a few I didn't know about :) Stop by and check out my blog sometime too will ya?!

Trisha @ 3 Four and Under said...

Aww, Nicole! Thanks so much! What great company to be included with! You are so sweet!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Great post idea!! Great minds MUST think alike (wink wink) because I would love to meet them all as well! You would be on my list girl! You rock!! Love stalking... err... I mean following your adventures and reading your posts!!

Have a great rest of your week!!

Mindy M. Harris said...

love all those bloggers. thanks for sharing them. found you through little miss momma. i hope you can stop by my blog sometime!

Momma Bird said...

awe :) well aren't you the sweetest!!!!! i must say i'm quite a fan of you as well!!!! talk to you soon sweetie!

meandmyshadows said...

I love reading all these blogs as well, but hardly ever comment. I've been reading more lately as I have been trying to plan my wedding in sept on the cheapest budget ever. Slot of DYI projects and how to's. It's so nice and easy nowadays to see what other real people are doing. Like comeon we are not all martha Stewart with a shop full of 100 people to help us whith every project we start.
Found you on LMM, and have enjoyed reading all about you.

Delaney said...

These blogs are all pretty amazing!

Shan@FamilyBringsJoy said...

Very interesting...I only knew 2 of the blogs you posted, Pleated Poppy and Tater-Tots and Jello. I was intrigued to read your post because I met some {what I would refer to as} famous bloggers at Blissdom this year. I wanted to see if I had met any on your list. I was grateful to meet the masterminds behind the above mentioned blogs. However, I am always open to checking out new blogs, being an avid blogger, myself ;) This is a great post! Glad to meet you.

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