Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010 & my 20/20 vision for 2011

Finally - the end of a whirlwind year!.  I'm pretty happy to see the doors close in on 2010.  I definitely had more bad then good come out of 2010.  A few of the amazing things that did come of 2010 is I got a fabulous job, and because of separating from Doug, it actually brought us closer together.  We're happier than ever before.  It's unfortunate having to go through all the emotional crap that we did, but we're thankful that we got through it and came out on top.

Now, onto the title of this post - my 20/20 vision.  I have a goal for 2011 to lose 20 kilos and save 20 thousand dollars.  I can do it.  That's my new attitude..."I CAN DO IT".  Not I "will" or "might"'s I CAN accomplish these things, and I WILL. 

I'm going to forget all the outside influences that I used to let hinder my life and relationship - they can all just go f*@k themselves.  This new year is time to focus on me, my 2 perfect little girls and my husband.  It's time to accomplish what I set out to do by moving here.  I'm going to be the best me I can be.

Thank you to all you readers, and all my friends and family in Canada that I miss so much for being there for me throughout all these troubles.  I love you all and wish for you nothing but an amazing 2011. 
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