Friday, September 30, 2011


Homesickness looms over me constantly. 

 It's always an elephant in the room.  It takes up my life sometimes, and often takes my breath away.  

I often think "how the heck did I end up here and how has it been over 2 entire years since I have seen my family?".  

My parents with Eve

My sister Brooke and I

I never dreamt that I would could miss people so much.  It overwhelms me at times as to how much I can miss someone.  I have never been away from the girls for any length of time, so I never understood.  

Now I do.  I understand.  I understand why my mom was so heart-broken - and still is.  

I would do absolutely anything in this world to hug my mom.  We're close.  I'm closer to her than anyone.  Just the other day I had a "motherly" question and who did I call?...My mom.  My very first instinct is to call my mom - always.

This next picture makes me more emotional than anything;

This picture says a thousand words for me.  I feel the love in this picture.  Eve and my mom are SO close.  They have an unbreakable bond.  I have that bond with my grand-mother, and I feel that with my mom and Eve.  Theres a comfort and sense of home there.  I get SO emotional just looking at this picture.  

This cat is our cat Hope (Hopie).  Hope now lives with my parents and sisters.  I rescued her from a high-kill shelter in 2007.  I couldn't bear leaving her with anyone but family and my parents were gracious enough to take her in.  She's now a very very loved member of their household.  I can't wait until I see her again.

Home to me is these next pictures;

My BFF, Elishia.

A Gingerbread house my sisters built with Eve at Christmas.  Eve took bites out of all the cookies.  

As much as I like the warmer weather here; wearing coats scarves & hats are part of home.  

My sisters and Eve 

Auntie Rachel with Eve at Great Wolf Lodge.  

In May of 2010, my sister Rachel came to visit.  It was the best month that I had had in a long time.  I was going through depression and didn't really realize it at that stage, and it was so uplifting for me to have her here.  Heres a few pictures of when she was here;

I can see the peace I felt then.  I can see it in my pictures.  

When Rachel left, I felt empty.  I think it was worse than when I left Canada.  I felt horrible.  

I'm sorry that this post is all over the place, but that's how I feel tonight.  I feel like my emotions are everywhere and I felt I need to write.  This blog is about me, and you get the good, bad and the ugly.  This is the ugly.  This is my emotional state tonight, and i'm sharing it with you.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Special Thank You

I blog because I love it.  

I blog because I need to for my own sanity.  

But most of all I blog because of all of you and all the friends i've made along the way.

I know we live behind our computers and don't really "know" eachother, but I feel like you're all my friends.  I feel like I could call you and we could chat and if we lived close enough we could grab a coffee or go shopping.  

When I met up with my bestie, Em at And Nothing Else Matters (read the post about our girls day out HERE) she said "I feel like I know you already".  That sort of struck me because I felt the exact same way.

I would do anything for any of my real life friends, and feel the same way about you.  So when I got a cute little message from Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow to help her out to reach her goal of 40 GFC followers and 40 Facebook followers I just had to help her.  Actually - I was delighted to help her.  

I did a post up for her (read that HERE) and not only has she reached her goal, but she has succeeded it.  It was through no effort of mine though - she is genuine and has done it all on her own.  

Inside my mailbox today was this;

This has touched not only my heart but my soul.  THIS is why I keep blogging.  It's people like Rebecca that make blogging SO much fun.  This is the true meaning of Karma.  

Thank YOU Rebecca for such a heartfelt gift.  I have it right around my neck already and LOVE it.  You have taught me a lesson today and truly made me smile.  I am SO glad we are bloggy friends :)


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Agape Love Designs Giveaway

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please Welcome Simply Sadie Jane

On the right hand side of my blog page, I display some of the blogs I read daily and that I love.  I also display a lot more in the top section under the Blogs I heart tab.  I display only a few on my side bar because if my blog has too many pictures and things going on it drives me mad!.

Anyhoo - I proudly display Sadie's button on my sidebar, and have admired Sadie for a.long.time.  She is utterly adorable, oh so relatable, gorgeous, crafty, down to earth and need I say more?.  

We all have the privilege of having her here today!.  She is going to tell us about herself, her crafts, and her ADORABLE family.  I'm serious guys when I say you definitely want to head on over and follow her.  She has the most fabulous craft tutorials (and she makes them look so easy), the best recipes (I tried one last night and it was delicious), she has the best posts about her family and the best pictures.  All I have to say is ANTHROPOLOGIE. BEDDING. TUTORIAL. 

Overall I would just say that I love Sadie.
Take it away girl;


I am SO THRILLED to be guest posting today on such a FABULOUS blog!
Nicole and I have become great blog friends and it's ALWAYS so fun to be able to meet new friends through blog swaps!

I'm Sadie from
let me tell you a little bit about myself....

I am a Registered Nurse turned SAHM striving to fill my life 
with love, fitness, fun, fashion and creativity!

 I married the LOVE of my life, Jeffrey, in December 2008.
AND...yes...I do think he is DELICIOUS! 
Speaking of deliciousness...
 in 2010 we had our first baby girl, REAGAN JANE.
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Like I said before...I was a nurse for almost 3 years...
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SHOUT OUT to Nicole for letting me stop by today!!

Sadie Jane


See...what did I tell ya?!.  She's pretty darn fabulous isn't she?.  This post was nothing compared to what you will find on her blog.  I mean this post is pretty amazing, but her blog is even better folks!.  I know Sadie would love it if you went over and said Hi :)

Oh and guess what????.....I'm blogging over there today with a giveaway :).  BOO-YA!!!

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Whoopie Pie Winner & NEW LMM YoYo necklace Winner

Thank you to all who participated in the giveaways i've had.  It's been great :)

The winner of the Whoppie Pie book giveaway from my gorgeous Bloggy Bestie AND REAL LIFE Bestie Em at And Nothing Else Matters is:

Number 49

Blogger Lacee said...

I like MM on fb too :)
26 September, 2011

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Congrats Lacee!!.  Please e-mail me to claim your prize :)

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Ten - 5

Welcome to the 5th week of Tuesday Ten.
If you're new here - Hi There! :)
Tuesday Ten is a link party about your posts of ten of anything.  It can be ten things you love, ten places you want to go, ten things you want right now, ten people you love etc....ten of anything really.

I love this because it gives me a chance to get to know my readers better and meet other bloggers.  It also allows all of you linker uppers (yes, I just made that up) to see eachothers wonderful blogs and meet new bloggers as well :)

Rules of linking up are:

Please place my button on your page so others can link back and see other posts.  You will find my button to the right of my blog page.  ---------->

Please "like" your favorite Tuesday Ten post by clicking the "like" button underneath the thumbnail.  I will do a small feature on the post that got the most "likes" each Tuesday so be sure to vote for your fav.

Also, please click on others link ups and comment so we can all share some love.  We all love comments don't we??!!

Last week the post that got the most likes was:

The Crafted Sparrow

with her top ten DIY Halloween Costumes.

You can see her post HERE

This week i'm going to break up my Ten up into 2 fives.  

I'm going to tell you Five random things I love about each of my girls:


1.  I love her toothless smile!.  
2.  I love the way she cares so much about her sister and is so loving
3. I love the way she lines up all her barbies in her barbie house and sits them all in a row
4.  I love the way she talks to me.  She tells me everything and is so honest and open
5.  I love the way she will sneak off into her room to play dress up.  She tries to fold her clothes back up so nicely but they end up in this pile in her drawers 


1.  I love how when Dora and Diego are on she chimes into some of the song and says a big "GO!" at the end.
2.  I love how when shes tired she will go into the cupboard and get her "bubba" out and bring it to me and say "bubba?".
3.  I love the way she runs to  me when I pick her up from daycare as if she hasn't seen me in years
4.  I love how when I ask Lilah "how was your day" she says "good".  
5.  If anyone sneezes - even a stranger in a shop or something, Lilah pipes up and says "bessu" (Bless You).  Then she will sometimes follow it with "sissue" - that means "Tissue" :)

Can't wait to see your Tuesday Ten this week :).  


Monday, September 26, 2011

The reason i'm not pregnant with #3

Hubs and I always said we were having 3 children.  

My pregnancy with Eve was pretty smooth sailing.  I went 2 days over-due with her, had a pretty normal labour until the delivery.  It was rough.  I was close to having a C-Section and in fact they had Hubs change into scrubs because they were pretty sure I was headed back to the OR.  

After over 3.5 hours of pushing and some vacuum assistance, Eve was finally born.  She weighed in at 8 pounds 5 ounces.  Eve was a dream baby.  She slept through the night from 5 weeks, and was so content.  She hardly cried, I could take her anywhere and she would sleep anywhere.  

As you may have read in this post, I struggled with my wight during and after my pregnancy.  But that didn't stop me from wanting a second child.  I knew I was ready and wanted my second baby.  

When Eve was 2, we started trying and it took 16 months and 3 rounds of clomid to conceive Lilah.  I was baffled as to why we were having an infertility issue when it was so easy to have Eve.  Those long 16 months made me want my second child even more.  

(I know to some of you it may not seem that 16 months of trying isn't an "infertility issue", but to us it was, and I do apologize if any of you are struggling to conceive)

In Feb of 2009 we were stoked to find out we were finally expecting our next little peanut.  Near the end of my pregnancy with Eve I got really bad Sciatic problems and from the first day I was pregnant with Lilah the problems came back.  I did Bowen therapy, physio everything you could think of to try and cope with the constant pain and limp I had from the Sciatic pain.

This is a picture of me about 24 weeks pregnant with Lilah;
(I don't have any pictures handy of when I was pregnant with Eve as the old computer crashed)

other than my sciatic problems, my pregnancy was once again smooth sailing.  

This next picture was taken about 24 hours before I had Lilah;

I know - HUMONGOUS!!!

My delivery with Lilah was MUCH different to say the least than Eve's was!.  Total time from first contraction to her delivery was 1 hour and 29 minutes.  Yeah, I know - UNREAL!.  When  you have a delivery like that and just and I mean just make it to the hospital and deliver your baby in an exam room, it kinda scares you!.  I didn't have time for any pain meds, nothing - in fact, I still had 1 pant leg on!.  

But despite Lilah's speedy arrival, she was healthy and perfect

Lilah weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ounces - we don't make em' small ;)

I will never forget the moment my 2 girls met.

It was a moment that made my entire heart melt.  At that moment I felt a sense of complete.  I by no means was thinking about a 3rd child then!.  Not after the chaos of Lilah's delivery!

Lilah was a different baby than Eve.  She was a bit more needy and needed more attention.  She was a sleeping monster!.  She would wake every hour to 2 hours every.single.night. until she was 10 months!.  I didn't have a full nights sleep for over a year!.  She needed a lot more soothing to sleep where as Eve was happy to be wrapped up and put in her crib and she would coo herself to sleep.  

Then the depression set in.  You can read all about that in this post.

It's not fun and it hasn't been an easy road for me.  Moving over-seas, and a baby all within 6 months was traumatic.  I don't think I've recovered from all of that yet.  I lived with my depression for a year - hiding it and hurting myself and the people I love by lashing out and it had to stop.

I'm scared to go back to being pregnant.  I scared of the sciatic flaring up again.  I'm scared of another delivery like Lilah's and i'm scared of the depression.  In fact - i'm terrified  of the depression.  

It's not that I don't want another child, I'm scared to have another child.  I keep hoping that I will be ready at some stage, but as of yet I haven't felt that urge and that itch that needs to be scratched.  I see newborn babies, and have very recently held a newborn baby and while he was beautiful and perfect, I didn't feel that itch.  I felt "thank goodness it's her and not me" feeling.  

I'm scared that all of this has made me resent being pregnant?  I'm unsure really how I feel about it - but I do know that right now I don't feel ready for our 3rd child.  

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