Monday, September 5, 2011

Making a Difference

I love making a difference in people's lives.  It's one of the reasons I maintain this blog.  I get numerous e-mails from other bloggers asking me to simply post a link on my facebook about a giveaway they're having or asking me help them out and follow them and like them on Facebook.

I feel a bunch of emotions when I get requests like this.  One emotion is honor.  I think "why me?" & "What about me is special enough that they would ask me to do this?".  

I LOVE helping people out and giving credit where credit is due.  I really do read every comment you all leave me and try and follow you all back if I can.  I also like every facebook page and follow whoever is on Twitter.  I love sharing and spreading the love.  

So when I got an e-mail from the sweet sweet Rebecca at The Crafted Sparrow I felt the need to help her out.  

I was once in her shoes.  I once had only a few followers and actually contemplated quitting blogging all together.  But I trudged through and now I have a whopping 430 followers.  I know to some thats not a lot, but to me thats HUGE.  That's 430 people that read what I have to say.  That's 430 people who liked my blog enough to hit that follow button.   I am by no means calling myself a novice blogger or a popular blogger because I am still growing and trying my best to get myself out there.  I link up whenever and wherever I can, and always go back and comment on peoples posts.  

I have Rebecca here today to tell us about herself and offer you all a hand stamped necklace that was hand stamped by her!.  This girl has serious talent and I feel privileged to have her here today.


Nicole has been so incredibly kind to me and is giving me an opportunity to introduce myself to all of you.  She has been wonderful helping be getting a little more aquainted with the blogging world.  I love reading her blog, it's real and that is what I really love about it.  Thanks Nicole!  

My name is Rebecca and I'm super blessed and get to stay home and take care of  my 2 crazy boys.  Corbyn age 7, and Kaison age 8.  My hubs works like a crazy person, he's a kitchen manager for Pei Wei Asian Diner (you may have heard of it, if you haven't you live under a rock!  Ha Ha!)  We've been married almost 9 years.  This was one of last years family photo of me and my little men!  

 I just started blogging about two months ago, so I'm still new to the blogging world...but loving it!  Check out the blog - The Crafted Sparrow.  I wanted to create something that I could share all my craftiness, my products, and all the things I love and adore.  I also love party planning, home design, and I'm a Pinterest addict!  Where has that Pinterest craziness been all my life!?!  I seriously dabble in a little of everything crafty, except knitting (it scares me)....although I will say the one area of art I haven't been so graciously given talent is photography.  That's my new goal is to just learn how to take a nice picture, I'll get there eventually. 

Besides the blog, I make numerous products that will soon be available to purchase through my shop (it's getting there).  I make anything from Hair accessories, Boutique style baby products, to Hand stamped jewelry.  I love how everything turns out, and I love seeing how happy people get when they receive my products.  

Thanks for letting me introduce myself.  I hope to see some of you around my blog.  And again a huge Thank You to Nicole at Miss Mommy.  She seriously rocks! 

See that beautiful necklace in the middle in the very top row?.  Yes - that one.  That beautiful hand stamped, sterling Silver necklace....that's what your going to enter to win!.  Of course it will be stamped with your family's name on it or whatever you like!.  
Please head over to Rebecca's blog to enter to win that beauty!.  I'm heading there right now to enter!


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

You're so sweet to be helping others out!
That's a reason I started blogging... to meet new people and make new friends!
I love The Crafted Sparrow, and I'm sharing the news about this great giveaway!

The Crafted Sparrow said...

Thanks again Nicole!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

i love her and her store, when you lift up others you are lifted too, you really are making a difference. encouraging people in their talents and desires is a HUGE blessing. love love love your blog. following you now!!! so now you have over 430 that like you blog so much ;)


Sheri said...

I love blogging. : ) So nice that you helped her out, going to check out her blog!!

Kirsty Brooker said...

Hi Nicole, I can't seem to leave a comment on crafted sparrows blog so I thought I would see if it would let me on yours. So far so good. Kirsty (from sunny Altona) x

Amanda said...

How sweet are you? Oh my goodness I love that you did this for her!

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