Thursday, March 31, 2011

20 things....

Here's 20 random things about me that you may or may not have known.  I bet even my faithful readers (My mom and Grandma) may not know some of these things. 

1).  I really don't like writing with a medium point pen - it must be fine point.

2). I eat my food one thing at a time.  I also don't like the gravy or whatever sauce is on my plate to touch the other foods. 

3).  My favourite chocolate bar is a Skor bar.  Unfortunately you can't get them here in Australia (well you can, but only at specialty shops and they cost like 3 dollars a bar!). 

4).  I love Popcorn...with that Ketchup seasoning on it!

5).  My ultimate dream job would be to be a Midwife or a L&D Nurse

6).  I love to play Poker and other casino games like Blackjack, Craps, Roulette

7).  I love Cats and would have 10 of them if Hubs let me!.  I'll be that crazy cat lady when im 80 in Walmart with my trolley stacked high with tins of cat food! ha ha

8).  I absolutely HATE the Dentist!.  I get nervous before an appointment and tend to cancel.  Luckily my Dentist is my father-in-law, and my sister-in-law works at the Practice, so I don't get to cancel!

9).  I have an incredible memory for telephone numbers.  I still remember my telephone number from when I was 5!.

10).  I am the ultimate yo-yo dieter!.  I have pretty much tried every diet out there and have yet to stick to anything. 

11).  I love and read it every single day

12).  The car I have now is the first automatic car i've had.  I've had about 6 cars since I got my license and they've all been manual.

13).  I do not eat fish...and I don't think it's because I don't like the taste.  I think it's all in my head!

14).  I love getting my hair and nails done.  Call me high maintenance, but I love it!

15).  I prefer white gold instead of  yellow gold

16).  I love trying a new recipe and love to cook (when I have time)

17).  I love a good book.  If it doesn't catch my attention within the first few pages though I put it down.  I do sometimes start 3 books at time and keep going back and forth.  It's a bad habit.

18).  I love smelly things.  Candles, oil diffusers - anything that makes my house smell pretty

19).  I absolutely despise smoking.  I can't stand the just makes me want to vomit

20).  I LOVE Tupperware!

I struggled a bit to think of all these things, so I asked my mom in our MSN chat and she named about 100 things about me.  Amazing how much your mother knows about you!.  I love my mom!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whats on my phone?!

It's Sunday evening and i've just finished 178543 loads of laundry, folded it and put it all away.  I've also done the shopping, cleaned the house, played with the girls, fed the dogs, fed the kids, bathed them, did Eve's reader and other reading homework and now i'm sitting in front of my Laptop having a drink!.  I feel good that i've been so productive.  It's all in preparation to the start of yet another week of work, school, daycare, thinking of what to have for dinner, drop off's, pick-ups etc. etc... - all you mothers out there know exactly how I feel!. 

This was our week in phone pics:

Cheeky Girl!

OH SO yummy homemade chicken parmigiana!!.  It was delicious.  Yep, I gave myself a pat on the back for this one! 

My little chicken devouring and loving her bowl of cut up pears and apples. 

Can you tell that we are a house full of girls?!.  We do a load of "pink" each week - amongst the whites and dark loads!

Took a trip to Costco - $$$463.00 later!!!!

What can I say other than she insists on eating yogurt by herself!!

Lilahs trying to put her shorts on!

Oh what a life!.  My cat, Sweetie hasn't a care in the world. I think her daily dilemma is whether to sleep on my bed, or sleep in the window!. 

Lilah loves Molly!

My little Leftie!.

We sit on chairs backwards in this house. 

My Sunday night drink!.  Low Carb beer.  So tasty. 

Friday, March 25, 2011


The title of this post seems like it could be funny, but it's a mushy and gushy one.

I'm almost 2 years into my move here to Australia.  2.whole.years. Can you believe it?.  I can't.  I try and not think about the fact that it will be 2 years since i've seen my mom, rest of my family and my friends.  I saw my sister last year - so thats a whole year since i've seen her too. 

I go about my daily life appearing to be happy and content.  Ok, correction - I am happy and I do love my life here but theres always something missing.  Then Sundays roll around and S.M.A.C.K!.  It hits me and stops me dead in my tracks.  That was the day we almost always went to my parents and spent the day there and made a nice yummy dinner.  Sometimes my sisters and I would fight, but we always had a good family filled day.  I miss that so much.  I really hate Sundays now and always try and still make a yummy dinner for the girls, hubs and I. 

So as much as I may seem to be happy i'm always missing my family.  Nothing or no one could ever come close to measuring up to them.  I will forever love them and miss them terribly and feel that guilt I talked about in a previous post. 

I miss them.....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whats on my phone!!!

I've been wanting to post this for a while but was having trouble figuring out how to get the pictures off my iPhone and onto my Laptop -did I mention I'm not very computer literate?!?!

I managed to get them on here and thought that since I rarely have my camera handy but always have my phone handy I would blog each week about whats on my phone.  I love having a phone that takes pretty decent pictures because i'm able to capture those moments when the kids do really silly and cute things.

This was our week in phone pictures:

 Lilah insisted on pushing the little trolly in Bunnings - for my Canadian readers, Bunnings is like Home Depot

 I got a new 2007 Honda Accord!.  LOVE IT!!!!

Have I mentioned how difficult Lilah is lately?!.  Well I think I honestly had forgotten how much work and how demanding 17 month olds can be!.  We've had a few time outs this week and this is one of them.

Needless to say, Lilah's not very thrilled about being in time out!

 She threw a fit to get this juice box.  I gave in.  I'm a terrible mother - I know.  I shouldn't give in to her, but it was definitely easier than having another tantrum and another time out.

Somehow Lilah got into the markers.  I turn my back for 1 second and BAM...she's into something!  I asked for the marker back and the picture below was her reaction to handing it over!. 

 The pictures below is Lilah's reaction once I had to take the marker away before she coloured on the walls!

 I got my tattoo coloured in on Friday

And we finished our week on Sunday evening with some fun in the bath. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My motivation seems to be lost.....I can't find it. 

I'd like motivation to get up in the morning

I'd like motivation to make a healthy dinner at the end of the day

I'd LOVE the motivation to exercise at the end or start of each day

But, it's just not there. 

If you have any motivating tips - please leave a comment!.  I really appreciate it.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Day

We decided yesterday morning that we were going to spend the day together as a family and head up to lake Eppalock. 

Our day started out getting up at close to 9 am (a record for the girls in sleeping in).  We got dressed, had brekky, and packed a picnic.  We were in the car for a little over and hour and finally reached Lake Eppalock.  It wasn't what we thought, and soon after Hubs realized that we were at the wrong place.  So we got back in the car, and headed to the Metcalfe Pool.  We got there and it was beautiful!.  Beautiful green grass (living in Australia, green grass is hard to come by), a kiddie pool, playground for the kids, the sun was shinning and it was 28 degrees.  When we went in to pay the fee to enter they said they were full and turned us away.  So we got back in the car again and headed to another destination.  This other place was not what we thought again and since we'd been in and out of the car a few times and had been in total in the car for about 3 hours, we just decided to layout our blanket and have our picnic lunch right there. 

Just as we were finishing our lunch it started bucketing down rain, so we quickly packed up and headed back to the car.  We decided to just head home. 

After dinner we played in the playroom:

All in all the day didn't go as we planned, but we spent it together and made the best of it so that's all that matters. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My favourite time of the day...

is NOT 4-6 pm!. 

Thats the time of day I get home from work,
 pick Eve up from school,
pick up Lilah from Daycare,
try and get dinner ready,
put on a load of laundry,
 clean up the remnants from breakfast that morning,
all while trying to listen to Eve as she tells me all about her day at school and entertain Lilah!!!. 

To say I feel like doing this would be an understatement!!!

It's pretty much chaos at the Wellon house between 4-6 pm!.

BUT...I wouldn't have it any other way!. 
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