Friday, March 25, 2011


The title of this post seems like it could be funny, but it's a mushy and gushy one.

I'm almost 2 years into my move here to Australia.  2.whole.years. Can you believe it?.  I can't.  I try and not think about the fact that it will be 2 years since i've seen my mom, rest of my family and my friends.  I saw my sister last year - so thats a whole year since i've seen her too. 

I go about my daily life appearing to be happy and content.  Ok, correction - I am happy and I do love my life here but theres always something missing.  Then Sundays roll around and S.M.A.C.K!.  It hits me and stops me dead in my tracks.  That was the day we almost always went to my parents and spent the day there and made a nice yummy dinner.  Sometimes my sisters and I would fight, but we always had a good family filled day.  I miss that so much.  I really hate Sundays now and always try and still make a yummy dinner for the girls, hubs and I. 

So as much as I may seem to be happy i'm always missing my family.  Nothing or no one could ever come close to measuring up to them.  I will forever love them and miss them terribly and feel that guilt I talked about in a previous post. 

I miss them.....


Cassandra said...

Oh Nicole, I can't imagine being this far from family. And no, I CAN'T BELIEVE you've been gone that long. Seems like yesterday you were telling me about it! (big hugs) Do you Skype with your family? I know my parents have enjoyed that with my sis who is out West for School... ? Maybe you could make a date to Skype with them on Sunday evenings? Just a thought.

Janice said...

What can I say honey, other then we all miss and love our girls very very much!
Love Mom, Dad, Rachel, Brooke

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