Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Day

We decided yesterday morning that we were going to spend the day together as a family and head up to lake Eppalock. 

Our day started out getting up at close to 9 am (a record for the girls in sleeping in).  We got dressed, had brekky, and packed a picnic.  We were in the car for a little over and hour and finally reached Lake Eppalock.  It wasn't what we thought, and soon after Hubs realized that we were at the wrong place.  So we got back in the car, and headed to the Metcalfe Pool.  We got there and it was beautiful!.  Beautiful green grass (living in Australia, green grass is hard to come by), a kiddie pool, playground for the kids, the sun was shinning and it was 28 degrees.  When we went in to pay the fee to enter they said they were full and turned us away.  So we got back in the car again and headed to another destination.  This other place was not what we thought again and since we'd been in and out of the car a few times and had been in total in the car for about 3 hours, we just decided to layout our blanket and have our picnic lunch right there. 

Just as we were finishing our lunch it started bucketing down rain, so we quickly packed up and headed back to the car.  We decided to just head home. 

After dinner we played in the playroom:

All in all the day didn't go as we planned, but we spent it together and made the best of it so that's all that matters. 

1 comment:

Dani said...

Sorry about the messed up day but at least you got some super cute pictures!

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