Sunday, March 27, 2011

Whats on my phone?!

It's Sunday evening and i've just finished 178543 loads of laundry, folded it and put it all away.  I've also done the shopping, cleaned the house, played with the girls, fed the dogs, fed the kids, bathed them, did Eve's reader and other reading homework and now i'm sitting in front of my Laptop having a drink!.  I feel good that i've been so productive.  It's all in preparation to the start of yet another week of work, school, daycare, thinking of what to have for dinner, drop off's, pick-ups etc. etc... - all you mothers out there know exactly how I feel!. 

This was our week in phone pics:

Cheeky Girl!

OH SO yummy homemade chicken parmigiana!!.  It was delicious.  Yep, I gave myself a pat on the back for this one! 

My little chicken devouring and loving her bowl of cut up pears and apples. 

Can you tell that we are a house full of girls?!.  We do a load of "pink" each week - amongst the whites and dark loads!

Took a trip to Costco - $$$463.00 later!!!!

What can I say other than she insists on eating yogurt by herself!!

Lilahs trying to put her shorts on!

Oh what a life!.  My cat, Sweetie hasn't a care in the world. I think her daily dilemma is whether to sleep on my bed, or sleep in the window!. 

Lilah loves Molly!

My little Leftie!.

We sit on chairs backwards in this house. 

My Sunday night drink!.  Low Carb beer.  So tasty. 


agardener said...

So Cute: Your little lefty takes after her Canadian Grandma!

agardener said...

I love your weekly photos - keep up the good work!

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