Thursday, September 30, 2010

Busy week

This is the last week of school holidays (Thank Goodness!!), and it sure has been a busy one.  We've been out every day for the majority of the day.  Lilah has been missing naps, i've been slacking on the housework, and Eve's been exhausted by the end of the day.  But it's all been in good fun. 

We went to Science works on Tuesday and the kids had a great time.  We went for Ice Cream after on the beach.  I can't believe tomorrow is already Friday. 

My SIL's engagement party is this weekend so the next few days are going to be spent getting things ready for that.  Eve is very excited to put on a dress and go to a party. 

I went out with a few friends tonight (as I do almost every Thursday night), and I always seem to come home sad.  I always miss my family and feel homesick, but when i'm with these girls (they're sisters) I tend to feel even more homesick.  I was with them tonight and wishing so much that they were able to meet my family.  I'm so proud of my family and would love to show them off to the new friends I have met.  These friends in particular have a lot in common with my family, so I know they would all get along.  They're mother has they're kids a lot and spends a lot of time with them.  It makes me sad to know that my girls are missing out on that. 

Time to focus on the positive.  I have 2 girls, 2 perfect, healthy and happy girls.  Lilah may not be the happiest child at the moment (she's cutting 3 molars all at the same time, there should be some rule against that), but she's generally a loving and cuddly (but busy) girl. 

Well thats it for me.  There really wasn't much point to this post, but I just felt the need to write.   

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I never had an appeciation for all the support and family I had around me prior to living here in Australia.  I definitely took advantage of always having my mom and sisters near by.  I took it for granted that I could rock up to moms place on Sundays and she would always be there to cook (well, more like assist) with dinner.  (Sorry Mom)!. 

I can definitely, 100% say that I have a much greater appreciation for my mom and family now.  Even though I am pretty much in the the furthest in the place from them, I still have her.  I can still call, and talk to her about anything, and sometimes even nothing.  We can still find things to talk about eveyday...just like we used to.  It amazes me how strong that relationship between a mother and daughter can be. 

That old saying, "You don't know what you got until it's gone", is so completely true in my case.  I honestly did not know what I had until it's gone.  I have the most amazing and supportive family in the world, and I have an entirely new appreciation for them. 

My mom just amazes me at how strong she is, and how much she continues to love me and the girls.  As much as I have hurt her and turned her entire world upside down, she still puts on a smile each time we Skype and never lets me in on how much she hurts.  And I know she does this for my sake, and for that I consider her the most amazing and strongest woman I know.

I love my mom, probably more now then I ever have.  I can never begin to apologize for the way I have hurt her by taking her grand babies away.  My guilt will forever haunt me. 

Monday, September 20, 2010


I went to the movies last night with a friend.  She is not only a "friend", but she's a "Canadian friend"!.  She is from Saskatoon, and has been living here for 3 years. 

I feel like we can relate to eachother because we have SO much in common.  We are both from Canada, both have 2 kids (same age difference), both miss our families tremendously, both stay-at-home moms, and we both have troubled relationships with the same certain people in our lives here. 

She always motivates me to be better, and that I can cope with being here without the support group I have been so used to my entire life.  We had a good chat last night, and although I get saddened by not being close to my family and not having that close bond and close friendship with friends here, she made me feel better. 

I really appreciate her and all she has done to help me, and for being there for me.  She's the one person here that never judges me, and understands precisely how I feel.....and for that I am extremely grateful.  I hope that our friendship continues to flourish and we can become even closer. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I attend a playgroup on Friday mornings.  My friend and her 2 girls go as well.  She's the one who introduced me to this playgroup back when Lilah was only 3 weeks old.  At that time there was about 5 or 6 babies born all within a week of eachother....and they are all girls!.  Lilah will have a lot of playmates!. 

Yesterday was the last day of Term, so the Playgroup usually goes to a play centre of some sort.  I snapped some cute pics of my girls yesterday (I've been really slack in the picture taking department lately), and wanted to share them here. 

My girls are getting so big.  Lilah's closing in on 11 months, and is standing on her own for a few seconds, and will be taking steps soon i'm sure.  Eve's going to start her last term of Kinder in a few weeks, and then heads to school next Feb.  Where does the time go?.  Why can't these little girls stay innocent and small forever?!.  I wish. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Gramma was meant to have surgery on Thursday the 16th of September.  I've been stressing about this and have been losing sleep.  It's a horrible horrible feeling not being able to be there for your family when they need you the most.  I wish nothing more than being in Canada, right by their side.  They have been there for me in any time of need, and not being able to reciprocate that favour is awful. 

Then this morning I got an e-mail from Gramma saying that the surgery has been post-poned.  Ugh.  I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing.  So I will be back to not-stressing for a bit until I get the next e-mail with the new date!. 

So, lets keep our fingers crossed that things work out and a new surgery date is around the corner.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Party Planning

Been planning a 1st Birthday party......GULP!.  My baby will be turning 1 in less than 2 months.  How has this happened?

Here's some updated pictures of my soon to be 1 year old. 

C25K Challenge

C25K is a 9 week excersize challenge.  it stands for Couch to 5K.  It assists you to build up your running by alerting you to walk and run at certain times.  I downloaded the app onto my phone, so I will hopefully (when it stops raining) get into this. 

I had my first week on Tony Ferguson and lost 1.8 kilos and 2 centimeters off my waist.  Woo Hoo!.  When I signed up, I got this gift pack thing, and inside came a book.  I have been reading this book and so far it's been pretty interesting and informative in the dieting department.  It tells us that we self-sabotage because we feel so restricted etc.  That is EXACTLY what I do!.  He also went on to tell us about this tudy that was done on 2 groups of people.  One group was going on a diet the next day and the other was not.  They were both told to eat as much ice cream as they wished to.  The group going on the diet the next day ate double the ice cream than the group that was not.  Interesting.  We apparently tend to binge and over-eat when we feel restricted - therefore leading to sabotage.  So far in this book his philosophy seems to be not dieting and feeling restricted....I will continue reading and keep you posted. 

Overall the week was good.  Found out hubby got a new job, so that was a huge relief and load taken off.  Other then that nothing new happened. I also went to see a Career Counsellor at Victoria University about going back to school.  I got all the information I need, now I just have to take the next step.  Spent the rest of the week with my 2 little beauties.  :)
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