Thursday, September 23, 2010


I never had an appeciation for all the support and family I had around me prior to living here in Australia.  I definitely took advantage of always having my mom and sisters near by.  I took it for granted that I could rock up to moms place on Sundays and she would always be there to cook (well, more like assist) with dinner.  (Sorry Mom)!. 

I can definitely, 100% say that I have a much greater appreciation for my mom and family now.  Even though I am pretty much in the the furthest in the place from them, I still have her.  I can still call, and talk to her about anything, and sometimes even nothing.  We can still find things to talk about eveyday...just like we used to.  It amazes me how strong that relationship between a mother and daughter can be. 

That old saying, "You don't know what you got until it's gone", is so completely true in my case.  I honestly did not know what I had until it's gone.  I have the most amazing and supportive family in the world, and I have an entirely new appreciation for them. 

My mom just amazes me at how strong she is, and how much she continues to love me and the girls.  As much as I have hurt her and turned her entire world upside down, she still puts on a smile each time we Skype and never lets me in on how much she hurts.  And I know she does this for my sake, and for that I consider her the most amazing and strongest woman I know.

I love my mom, probably more now then I ever have.  I can never begin to apologize for the way I have hurt her by taking her grand babies away.  My guilt will forever haunt me. 

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