Friday, September 16, 2011

Chocolate Ripple Cake Recipe

Sounds delicious doesn't it???!!!

This cake is by far the easiest and quickest cakes i've ever made.

It literally takes about 5 mins to make and you should pretty much have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

Here is the recipe:

This is what you'll need;

Are you wondering where the rest of the ingredients are?.
The picture has ALL of the ingredients....

You need Thickening Cream, chocolate cookies & icing sugar 
The icing sugar is optional too!.  

This is how you whip up this cake:

Pour the cream into a bowl, add a tablespoon of icing sugar & whip it up.  Whip the cream until its thick enough that it sticks to the beaters.

Then put a layer of cream onto a serving dish so the cookies kind of stick to the dish

Now you cream your cookies

You want to put a pretty thick layer of cream between each one and keep stacking them in a row.

They should look like this when finished:

Now you cover the cookie log with cream

You can make it look a bit prettier than mine did!.  Sometimes I crumble a left over cookie on top as a garnish, or any other kind of chocolate bar.  I would have done it this time, but the girls ate the cookies!.

Now pop your cake into the fridge for a few hours.  The cream settled and moistens the cookies.  

It looks like this when you cut into it

It's the perfect mixture of chocolate & cream.  The cookies go almost fudge like from the cream, but not mushy.  It's delicious!.  

I had left over cream, so I garnished the girls' strawberries - they LOVED it!




Cathy said...

That looks amazing :)

Jamie Lynn said...

Yum-O! Great job!Do you think you could share a piece with me in Ohio? He He!

andi said...

that's so brilliant! i've never heard of any of those ingredients though~

Erica K. said...

Choc ripple cake is my favvvv!!!!!! :):)

Munchie's Mama said...


Cindee said...

OmgI love this but not familur with cookies ect.. I live on west coast. tips on what to sub. I need these for grankiddos.. Love blog too.. commenthour love

Patty said...

This looks delicious!! I got the sweet tooth and I'll definitely have to try this recipe sometime!! Thanks for sharing :)
Patty from

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