Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please Welcome Simply Sadie Jane

On the right hand side of my blog page, I display some of the blogs I read daily and that I love.  I also display a lot more in the top section under the Blogs I heart tab.  I display only a few on my side bar because if my blog has too many pictures and things going on it drives me mad!.

Anyhoo - I proudly display Sadie's button on my sidebar, and have admired Sadie for a.long.time.  She is utterly adorable, oh so relatable, gorgeous, crafty, down to earth and need I say more?.  

We all have the privilege of having her here today!.  She is going to tell us about herself, her crafts, and her ADORABLE family.  I'm serious guys when I say you definitely want to head on over and follow her.  She has the most fabulous craft tutorials (and she makes them look so easy), the best recipes (I tried one last night and it was delicious), she has the best posts about her family and the best pictures.  All I have to say is ANTHROPOLOGIE. BEDDING. TUTORIAL. 

Overall I would just say that I love Sadie.
Take it away girl;


I am SO THRILLED to be guest posting today on such a FABULOUS blog!
Nicole and I have become great blog friends and it's ALWAYS so fun to be able to meet new friends through blog swaps!

I'm Sadie from
let me tell you a little bit about myself....

I am a Registered Nurse turned SAHM striving to fill my life 
with love, fitness, fun, fashion and creativity!

 I married the LOVE of my life, Jeffrey, in December 2008.
AND...yes...I do think he is DELICIOUS! 
Speaking of deliciousness...
 in 2010 we had our first baby girl, REAGAN JANE.
She is our everything!

Like I said before...I was a nurse for almost 3 years...
a labor and delivery nurse to be specific!
To read about why I decided to be a stay at home mom...
and to read about some of the experiences I had being a nurse...

 Since I have just a little more time on my hands I have really been able to explore what I LOVE!
Fashion and style is at the TOP of my list!
I love posting about random outfits and styles...just ONE of the topics on {simply sadie jane}!
I am also OBSESSED with health and fitness...
although I eat a cupcake on average every week...I strive for balance...kinda!
To learn more about Crossfit {GO HERE}...BUT might become I am!
I also LOVE creating things!
Like this headpiece for my daughter...
 and this one for a craft fair I recently had!

 I also LOVE to beautify my home with everything shabby chic and personalized by me!

Check out my master bedroom remodel and ALL the how-to's {HERE}

My sister and I take our vintage, refinished and handmade items to craft fairs ALL over Southeastern Idaho...make sure to check out my blog to see where we will be next!!

WOHOA!...did you get through all that? win a prize if you did!
AND IFffff you did then check out my blog and make sure you let me know you found me on Miss Mommy!...I LOVE new readers!
Not only do you get a FRONT ROW seat into my simply delicious life...I also have giveaways running almost every week!!!
Check out my BLOG for the details on the latest giveaway!

Just a WARNING: you might run into some sarcasm and FOR THE LOVE moments... have no idea what FOR THE LOVE means...oh will!...YOU WILL!

SHOUT OUT to Nicole for letting me stop by today!!

Sadie Jane


See...what did I tell ya?!.  She's pretty darn fabulous isn't she?.  This post was nothing compared to what you will find on her blog.  I mean this post is pretty amazing, but her blog is even better folks!.  I know Sadie would love it if you went over and said Hi :)

Oh and guess what????.....I'm blogging over there today with a giveaway :).  BOO-YA!!!

Click HERE to see my post.



Mrs. T said...

following you back from soleil selene...thanks for stopping by!! :)

Erin @ {grace-filled} said...

Hello! I'm followin ya back from Soleil Selene also! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!! :)

Blue Cotton Memory said...

Love those pictures. Just gotta ask - how did the bed survive such a big jump?

Anonymous said...

love the pictures. great guest post! i'm following you now from soleil selene!

Nay said...

Followin' you back from Soleil Selene's bloghop!

Leasha said...

Following back from Soleil Selene's link up!

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Love Sadie and her cute blog!!

struck said...

Theses pics are all really nice:) I'm a new follower from Soleil Selene!

Christa @ Little BGCG said...

Great guest post!

New follower from the Soleil Selene Blog Hop!

Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Sweet blog! Following you from the soleil selene blog link up!

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