Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wildlife Park

**Warning - this post has A LOT of pictures**

Hubs had a Saturday off.....that doesn't happen very often.
So we got up, got ready and went out for the day.  We decided to take the girls to the Wildlife Park in Ballarat.

This is by far the best Wildlife park we've ever been to.  The Kangaroo's roam free and are so tame.  They hop right up to you and are very friendly.  You are able to pet them for as long as you want.  

We saw lots of other animals really close up


 Tasmanian Devil

A Momma and her Joey

We got a couple of great snaps

After we finished at the Wildlife Park, we headed into downtown Ballarat to a Cafe Bakery for lunch.  

It's called Beechworth Bakery.  Coincidentally, after I took this pic I noticed that it opened exactly a yr after Hubs and I married ;)  

They had an amazing sweet selection and a cute little display of this guy rolling flour

The girls enjoyed their lunch

My gorgeous girl.  Always smiling :) 

Ofcourse I had to snap a semi-outfit photo in the restroom in Beechworth Cafe;

Lilah was pretty sleepy on the way home

Don't cha just want to smooch that face?.  How cute could this little girl be?!



Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Nicole, you look AMAZING! I love that outfit and please, do a tutorial on your lovely hair. :) I loved seeing all your photos. What a great place! Your family is so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. :)

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Wow! Looks like such a great day!
That last pic of Lilah is too adorable! :)

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

What a beautiful family!! and how cool is that! petting kangaroos!!! that does not happen here in Colorado! yes I may be a little jealous...

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Ah! The perks of living in Australia, hey? That looks SO amazing! I'm totally envious of that park, my little guy would LOVE it. And btw, your pics look awesome. Your girls are the cutest. :)

Rebecca @ The Crafted Sparrow said...

What a fun place! I wish we had that here in az. The boys would love it. Cute pics. Love the outfit. :)

Lacee said...

How fun!! I'm so jealous!! I want to frolic with kangaroos too!! I love all your pics. Your girls are beautiful...just like their momma :)

Stephanie said...

Your babies are so beautiful! And love the outfit! I wish we had kangaroos to go and pet here :(

XOXO, Happy Weekend!

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Oh what fun!
Love all the pictures.
Made me feel like I was right there with y'all.


Debs Dealz said...

You have a beautiful family!

Hi there, following you via GFC from the Super Stalker Sunday Hop! Love your site! Please follow me back and like me on FB. If you are interested in exchanging buttons, let me know! Debbie

Mary and Dyer said...

aww this looks like such a fun time!! Your daughters are absolutely beautiful! Such wonderful pics :)

I just became your newest follower! I found you from high heels 2 flip flop's guest blog post. I would love for you to check out my blog & follow us back if you'd like!

Also, we are hosting a giveaway for a Tiffany & Co. necklace. :)


andi said...

hey girl! just wanted to let you know that your button is now on my sidebar! i tried to just copy and paste the code, but it didn't work. i fixed it on my end, but you might want to see if it is working for other people. thanks for the swap!

Denise said...

Returning the follow. Thanks for following me. These photos are great!

Jill said...

So cute! Thanks for the follow, I am returning the favor =)
very cute blog

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

How awesome! This looks like such an amazing day! I have always wondered what a wombat and Tasmanian devil looked like!

So fun :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Susan said...

I was just snooping around your sweet blog...only to find you are a fellow Canadian. I'm from TO myself.
My trip to the zoo seems so lame compared to yours! Great shots.

Lindsey @ Campfire Song said...

These photos are absolutely amazing! My husband wants to travel to Australia - if I show him this post he'll be on a plane by morning :)

Mimzy Wimzy said...

I want to pet a kangaroo!!!! I really want to pet a giraffe too, can you do that there? Guess I need to start saving for a vacation!

terra @ terratalking said...

You are absolutely SO brave to go near a live wild animal like that! Oh my gosh i am freaking out at the THOUGHT of petting a kangaroo! I think I have some issues with my irrational fear of wildlife. Anyways - lovely pictures! so fun to read around your blog and i love your design! #commenthour

Alyssa Jeffers said...

Making all of us who live in the US (and other parts of the world) JEALOUS of the kangaroos!!! Such a fun place, such a beautiful family!!

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