Thursday, November 4, 2010


Lately, I have finally been feeling a little more settled into life here.  I'm finally feeling like i'm getting over things, and things are going to be ok.  Of course I still miss my family *tremendously*, and my friends, but I have made some amazing new friends here and that's what I grasp onto.  Without them I would feel so lonely, and don't think I would be able to cope. 

Things have changed so much lately.  Doug got this new job which he started a few weeks ago and coincidentally, I got a new job which I started on the same day as him!.  Things just seem to be falling into place.  I am really enjoying my new job, and so far it's going well.  I really couldn't ask for better hours, days and location.  I am able to be with the kids a few days and be home early enough to cook a nice dinner.  What more could I ask for?.  Of course I could ask that I be close to my family. 

There will always be this hole and this something missing.  And that's my family.  I know they're always there, but not physically here.  Is there a grace period to missing them?.  Am I meant to be over it now and settled here?.  I feel like to some I should be ok and over it and settled right into things here.  I also think to some, me saying "I miss my family" is old and annoying news now.  Is my grace period up?. 

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