Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cake cake cake!!!

Not sure if I've mentioned this previously, but I'm attending an 8 week butter cream cake class.  It's every Wednesday night for 2 hours.  We have to bake our cake beforehand and make up our butter cream and bring all this to class.  The entire 2 hours is spent just decorating the cake.  The hardest part about this is to NOT eat the cake!!.  Trying to watch your weight and attending a cake class isn't the easiest thing!. 

I've done 2 cakes thus far and have learnt quite a bit.  I am really enjoying it.  I'm enjoying it so much in fact that I have also signed up for the "comprehensive" course that starts next year.  This is a 12 term course (so it will take 3 yrs to complete) that teaches us how to make the flowers etc that you see on wedding cakes.  That's really what I wanted to learn but thought I would start off with this Basic butter cream class to learn the basics about pipping etc. 

As you know, Lilah will be 1 on Friday the 22nd of October.  I have to make 3 cakes next week!.  1 for my cake class on Wednesday, 1 for Friday and another for her birthday party on Sunday.  I'm going to be busy baking and utilizing my oven!.  I'm sort of looking forward to it though because it will give me lots of practice. 

Once I get organized enough I will get some photos on here of the cakes I've done.  It's a good start for someone who has never decorated a cake before. 

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