Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy weekend

It's been a very busy weekend thus far.  We've been to two 30th birthday parties for a few friends.  Being at 30th's is a bit of a realization that I too will hit 30 soon!.

The girls were up very late Friday night and boy did I pay for it today!.  They were both so miserable and moody!.  I got them to bed at a reasonable time tonight (8:30 pm), so lets hope they're both refreshed and happy tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Doug's been working afternoons so he hasn't been home at bedtime - lucky him!

On another note - I got  my Tupperware Order today and can't wait to organize my pantry!. I have another pantry set coming next week!.  I'll take some before and after pictures.  Gosh, Tupperware makes me so happy!!.  A girl can never have too much Tupperware!

1 comment:

agardener said...

are you kidding me about too much tupperware?
Although I do need a couple of pieces to replace some of my old, old, ones.

love ya.

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