Friday, August 20, 2010

First Post

I'm not sure if I will even ever get any followers - I hope so.  It would be nice to have some support.  This is my first post, and it feels like it's much over-due!.  I have been contemplating having a Blog for a while.  I just feel like I need to vent my feelings here and there. 

I felt a pang of homesickness last night.  I went out to Bingo with a friend and her mom, and her mom reminded me of my mom so much.  Oh how I miss my mom and her gentle, and kind nature.  I miss seeing her interaction with Eve.  It's so heart-breaking knowing she will never have that relationship with Lilah.  Lilah is so missing out!.  These are the things I chose to miss out on when I agreed to move to Australia.  Sigh.

I talked to my grandma this morning and she told me that my sister isn't going to go to University in September.  I am so sad for her.  If I had my time back I would love to be exactly where she is now.....getting ready to go to University, starting to get some independance etc.  I feel like she is throwing it all away.  My dad was always so strict with me, and has been so lenient on her.  My middle sister is so smart and has already accomplished so much at her young age of 21, so there was no need to be strict on her.  She is amazing.  I just wish and can only hope that my other sister comes around and changes her mind. 

Thats enough for now.  Time to go.  I really like this, so i'm sure i'll be back soon. 


Lisa said...

I just wanted to go back and see your very first post...where you came from~ :) You didn't know if you would ever have any followers...and look how many you have now...nearly 100! I think there are lots of people out there that love to hear what you have to say! I know I do! :)
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

Anonymous said...

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