Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friends Part 2

This is somewhat of a continuation from an earlier post. It's just a prime example of what i'm missing out on not having really close friends here.

Some of the girls at the party today were talking about their 30th birthdays. They decided because they are all celebrating their 30th's in the same year that they would go away together. It sounds lovely. I doubt I would be invited, and it's just another blow to the fact that Im just not part of the "group". It's ok, and I understand that it takes time, but it still hurts. I just don't feel part of anything sometimes.

I love going to these parties because the kids have fun, and I like seeing the babies (they're growing so fast). I sometimes hate going to these things because the fact that I do not have parents and friends that are right there to help me like my "friends" here do looms. It saddens me. I miss it. All of my friends have friends and family that helps them, and is there for their kids, and I do not. It pains me with jealousy.

Overall, we had a really nice day, and the kids had fun. That's all that really matters in the end isn't it?. That the kids are happy and healthy.

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