Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Birds & Old Routines

I know this may sound strange but the birds sound different here than they do in Canada.  Every morning I hear them singing away, and it just reminds me where I am.  I often blissfully wake up, and start my day then I hear the birds and they just stop me in my tracks and remind me that I am not in Canada anymore, and I am what feels like worlds away from my family. 

When I lived in Canada I pretty much had the same routine as I do now, minus 1 child.  I would get Eve ready for Daycare in the mornings, head to work for the day (I worked full-time), pick Eve up, make dinner, bath, read to her and put her to bed.  Hubs worked straight nights in Canada so would often be sleeping.  After I put Eve to bed each night I would call my mom.  We talked every. single. day.  Even though it's been almost 2 years since I've had that routine, I often still grab the phone once I get downstairs after putting the girls to bed.  Old habits die hard!. 

Almost every Sunday in Canada we would get up, get ready and head over to my moms for the day.  Again, after almost 2 years I still wake up on Sundays and get dressed, get the girls ready - but here I have no where to go. 

As much as I miss home, and think about my family every. single. day, theres these few little habits that I just can't seem to get out of.  I wonder if I will ever wake up on a Sunday and feel like I don't have to go anywhere?.  I wonder if I will ever feel like I don't have to call my mom every night?. 

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agardener said...

No, you will always pick up the phone to call your mom. That just won't go away. Remember that we here also miss you and little Evie very much.

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