Monday, April 25, 2011

Whats on my phone, Easter & 18 months

My week in phone pics and Easter sort of go hand in hand, but how did my baby turn 18 months?!?!.  Lilah officially turned 18 months on the 22nd of April.  It does not seem like 18 months has passed since she entered this world. Time certainly does fly.

We've had a good long weekend.  We're off until Wednesday here in Australia because Anzac day was Monday so they gave us the Tuesday off to make up for it being Easter Monday as well.  The kids return to school on Wednesday as well after over 2 weeks off.  As nice as it has been not having to get Eve ready in the mornings and have 2 drop offs and 2 pick-ups and making lunches, it will be nice to go back to normal routine of school. 

This is what our week and weekend looked like:

This is a table that i've been painting.  Hubs sanded it down and primed it and i've managed to get the last coat of paint on it tonight.  While I was doing this the girls were walking around the driveway with my high heels on!. 

The night before Easter.  Matchy Matchy!

I've posted before about our kitten Fifi...well this is out cat Sweetie cuddling with Fifi.  Sweetie had her name already when we adopted her, and she has that name for a reason - because she is so sweet and has really taken Fifi under her wing.  I think Fifi might have been the runt because in the 2 weeks we've had her she hasn't grown at all, and my friend has one of Fifi's sisters and shes much bigger.

This is what the Easter Bunny left for the girls!

Trail of Eggs up the stairs to the girls' rooms

We got up Monday morning and thought "lets get in the car and find a cute little cafe and have brekky", and that's exactly what we did.


Eve's Hot Chocolate.  The Lady did it extra special for her

Hubs Brekky

Don't worry - it's Hot Chocolate!

Easter Egg Hunt

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Great pICTURES Nicole. Thanks

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