Sunday, April 10, 2011

Whats oh my phone (Weekend Edition)

Ok peeps - don't get used to this!.  I took an abundant amount of photos this weekend so I thought I would share them.  We've had a great weekend.  It's Sunday night now and the girls are off to bed and I'm exhausted so i'm about to hit the couch and catch up on all my fave shows.

Heres the weekend:

We got a new kitten!.  She's half siamese and her name is Fifi.  She's so sweet and the girls adore her.
My hairdresser's mom breeds cats and a stray must have gotten to her siamese so she ended up with cross siamese kittens and ended up giving them away.  So when I was there Friday getting my roots done I ofcourse just had to take one!

I went and saw Keith Urban on Saturday night.  It was an amazing concert.  I had such a good time.

 Hubs was home with the girls and sent me this pic of Fifi having a cuddle.

My sister-in-law came over and painted the girls toe nails Sat night.  Lilah loves it!

We saw this car a few cars down from ours after we left the concert - I thought it was funny!

 You take your eyes off Lilah for 1 second and shes got the paper and markers pulled out

 Lilah found Eves little suitcase in her closet and same strolling into my bedroom and waved and said "bye".  She's going on a holiday...all the way to Canada to see Grandma!

 Ok, so before you all start judging me - YES I took the girls to MacDonalds and YES Lilah ate a cheeseburger and a nugget.  I know - i'm a horrible mother!

 We did our grocery shopping Sunday morning and Lilah just had to have a ride.  Took 30 minutes to get her out.
 And we finish our Sunday off with a Hot Cross Bun.


agardener said...

Great Pictures Nicole - its really nice seeing BOTH the girls - Keep up the good work. Love Ya!

Dani said...

Great pictures! Lilah sounds just like Abby!! Eve is so grown up - I can't get over it.

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