Monday, April 18, 2011

Sickies & The Weekend

It's Monday, and you know what - I'm kinda glad it is and the weekend is over!.  I started the weekend Wednesday night with Lilah being violently sick.  I had to take Thursday off work to be home with her because she was too ill to attend daycare.

Thankfully, she perked up by Friday and all was good over the weekend...until Sunday afternoon hit and Eve got sick too :( 

Despite being sick, we had a pretty good weekend.  I went shopping and out for lunch Sunday with a friend.  We found this uber cool shop with all these shabby chic items for my home.  Unfortunately, I just didn't have the budget to purchase the entire shop, but I did however get these super cool knobs for my dresser. 

A few months back Hubs and I got a new King Size bed (best money spent btw).  We had the intention of purchasing an entire bedroom set, but didn't really find anything we liked.  So we decided to just get the bed and base, and a bedhead which is fabric.  We had 2 new bedside tables which we sanded down and painted white so all we needed was a dresser.  I purchased one from this shop in Sunbury and it was raw pine, so we sanded that down a bit and painted that white as well.  So the only thing I needed and the last final touch to everything was knobs for the dresser...which I got on Sunday.  I was so excited to get them on the dresser last night, only to my HUGE disappointment that they don't fit and are too short :( 

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our Sunday morning. 

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Dani said...

So pretty - where is that? Love Lilah's shoes!! Yes, a king-size bed was one of our best purchases too!!

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