Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday....AGAIN!

Monday's seem to really creep up on me.  I only work Monday-Thursday so technically Thursday night for me is the start of my weekend.  Thursday evening is my favourite day of the week.  I savour it because it's the start to 3 days off - 3 days to spend with my girls and do something fun.  Than as soon as I know it, it's Sunday evening and i'm getting prepared for yet another week of work.

It's Monday morning now, and I thought I would just share how my weekend was.  This is typically how my weekends go.  We don't usually have any concrete plans because of the nature of Hubs job and the call-ins/Shift Work.

Friday I went shopping with a friend and then Hubs and I went out for dinner and had a few drinks and enjoyed our night out without the girls.  They were asleep when we left and asleep when we got back - so they had no idea we had even gone out.  Hubs' brother was at our place watching them.

Saturday Hubs had to start work at 1, so we didn't get up to much in the morning.  We had his brother staying with us all weekend because his parents were away in Brisbane (his brother is 14).  Hubs' brother had his grand final Basketball game, Saturday afternoon so I took the girls to that then headed home so Lilah could have a nap.  I rented season 4 of Dexter on Sat night and parked myself on my couch (after the girls were in bed ofcourse), and watched Dexter until almost midnight.

Sunday morning we got up, and I had to get on the phone straight away to look for my mother-in-laws dog who had escaped the night before.  We called the Lost Dogs Home and she had been dropped off there the previous night.  They closed at noon that day so we had to go pick her up before then and pay her bail of a whopping $77.00!.  We then headed back to Sunbury, I dropped Hubs off so he could get ready to go on afternoon shift again, then the girls and I headed to the airport to pick up the in-laws.  Sunday evening rolled around, and I thought "here we are again".  I had to start getting everything ready (washing, ironing etc), for the work week.  Put the girls to bed and parked myself on the couch again to watch some more Dexter!

Now here we are - Monday.  I had a little glitch in my morning.  I got up at 7:30, and thought "shoot, I better hurry and get in the shower and get the kids up, dressed etc".  Did all that and got downstairs to find that I'd neglected to change the alarm clock back so it was really only 6:30 when I got up, not 7:30!.  So with all my extra time this morning, I started my dinner!.  I put a roast in the crock pot, so I don't have really anything to do pertaining to dinner when I get home other than putting in more veggies.  Gotta love that!.

How was your weekend?


agardener said...

I remember those busy days off work. Washing, ironing *we ironed back then) cleaning the house, running boys to hockey, taking Jan. to dance class, getting groceries, etc. etc. Now you ask how my weekend was = It was great - Rachel took me to Rama and we had a great day and night together, came home and have done NOTHING - except catch up on sleep. Love Ya.

agardener said...

p.s. where are my weekly pictures?

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