Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Camera, Pictures & LMM

I finally got a new camera. I love this bad boy.  It's a Nikon, and takes great pictures.  So far I haven't really played around with all the settings and have just kept it on Auto. These are some of the pics i've taken over the past week. 

Eve made this for me at school.  How sweet!

My fur babies - Sweetie & Fifi

Doug's being silly behind Eve!

What's that super duper awesome ring on my right hand you ask? 

I got this ring from Ashley@ Little Miss Momma.  I r.e.l.i.g.i.o.u.s.l.y read her blog, and have stayed up WAY past my bed time reading her posts from the very beginning.  OK, ok, i'll just admit it - I stalk her blog. 

She's so pretty, crafty, she has a super cute son (Baby W), and shes just all around awesome.  She has her own Etsy shop (this is where I got the ring).  I also got a matching necklace and earrings along with the ring.  I have had SO many compliments on this ring.  I wear it A.L.L the time :) 

Please go and visit Ashley at 
 LMM and i'm positive you will think shes awesome too!

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