Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weekend & Sickie

How was everyones weekend?

Ours was pretty good.  Hubs happened to be off all weekend, so we definitely took advantage of spending family time together.  We headed out to DFO on Sunday, and I got tons of exercise chasing Lilah around!.  She isn't very keen on being in the stroller.  She will get in and stay in there for a whole 10 seconds, then she feels it's her right to get out and walk - sorry I mean run everywhere.  So after she exhausted herself and had some lunch we went home and took naps.  Then we made a delicious dinner and ate as a family.  It was a perfect day.

Monday rolled around and we were all back to work & school.  Then Monday evening came around and Eve started complaining about a stomach ache.  Then 30 minutes later got sick all over the couch, carpet - everything.  She was sick until about 2 am that night, and finally settled and had a sleep.  I had to stay home from work Tuesday to be with her.  She just layed on the couch most of the day and watched movies.  I was able to get my housework done, so now I have an entirely free day Friday to spend with my little chicken Lilah. 

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