Friday, October 7, 2011

A cause close to my heart

There is a girl.
Her name is Summer.  
She's uber sweet and can I say G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!.  
Summer from Made by Munchies Mama is gorgeous inside and out.  

I'm so lucky to have her here today to share a bit about herself and a cause close to her heart.  When I saw on Facebook that she was doing this, I contacted her right away.  I knew I had to be a part of this.  

I'll let Summer explain it all to you:


Oh hey Miss Mommy readers!  First off I have to thank Nicole for the opportunity to visit with you all today to tell you about something that I am both really excited and very passionate about...but I will get to that in a minute.  

I have to profess my love for Nicole, her blog and her Etsy shop!  Is she not amazing and beautiful?  Her courage and positive outlook about life inspire me.  I admire her strength, sincerity, and honesty.  She's incredibly crafty and HELLO...Beautiful!  I feel so fortunate to call her my bloggy buddy.

I don't want to take your entire day so allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Summer and I am the all over the place mama behind Made By Munchie's Mama.  I work, I wife, I mama and occasionally I am just Summer. I have 2 little boys: Munchie who is 2 aka Gavin and Dylie Bear who is 5 months aka Dylan.  

My hubby and I are just like every other couple: struggling to find the work, parent, spouse balance and taking things one day at a time.  On my blog you will find me writing about fights I have with my hubby, mama guilt, what I wear on Wednesdays, and stuff they don't tell you about parenthood before you get pregnant.  I also throw a good ole' tutorial around every now and then.  

In my spare time (usually around midnight) I enjoy being crafty!
It's how I keep my sanity.  After having kids I struggled to find me time...I thought that I needed to "get away" to recharge my battery.  I finally came to the realization that I love being home with my family and crafting allows me to recharge in the place that I love around the people that I love.  
 I have an Etsy shop that really is a "hodge podge" of things I made and liked enough to share with anyone who wants to take them home: crochet hats, necklaces, hair do-dads, home I said "hodge podge".

I recently found the blog world and felt so connected to 
these women that I never met through their posts about 
life, love, loss and crafts.  They have changed my life for the better and inspired me to share my passions with everyone out in "blogland" who might be looking for what I was looking for...Someone, some story, something to connect with and inspire me to do the things I never thought I could.

Now onto the important stuff- 
This month is Breast Cancer awareness month and in an effort to show my gratitude for the blessings and gifts in my life I wanted to do something to give back. I have created 2 very limited edition necklaces that I will be auctioning off on my Made By Munchie's Mama Facebook page on Friday morning.  The auction will close at 5 p.m. the following Friday.  

All proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  Please help me spread the word by sharing this information on your blog, Facebook page or Twitter account and make sure to stop by the Made By Munchie's Mama Facebook page on Friday morning to get your bid on!


I know where i'll be Friday morning California time!.  Over at Made by Munchies Mama's Facebook page getting my bid on to purchase one of these beauties.  

Here I am sporting some Made By Munchies Mama goodies.  I love this turquoise ruffle necklace Summer made me.  Thanks Summer :)

By the way - we're having a fantastic turn out on the Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop!.  
If you haven't linked up - you can do so HERE



Munchie's Mama said...

Thanks so much for helping me spread the word Nicole...That necklace looks fab on you, you wear it well!

Sunshine Blossoms said...

What a sweet girl! That's a great idea to auction off those beautiful necklaces for such a great cause.

Mackeys Moments said...

what beautiful necklaces!! new follower...I have 2 girls too! girls are so fun! :)

Amber said...

What a great post! And seriously I am so jealous of those blue eyes!

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