Friday, October 7, 2011

Your Questions Answered Part 1

This post is to answer all the questions that get asked frequently, and the ones some of you asked on Facebook:

Did you remove your extensions? If yes, why? Trying to determine if I want them.
Yes, I did remove my extensions.  I have very thick hair as it is, and the extensions made it virtually un-manageable.  I recently colored my hair back to somewhat natural.  I'm trying to keep it natural for a while.  Hence the word "trying"...I get really bored with my hair very quick, so hopefully I can stick to this!

Why did you have to move?
I didn't have to move - it was a choice.  Hubs and I decided that the best thing for our family was to come to Australia.  

Can u share some tips about dos and donts of blogging that u have learned?
Stay tuned for a Blogging Do's & Don't post.  I'll write a post giving my experiences that I have learnt along the way.

Aside from your family (of course!)... what do you miss most about Canada?
I love this question!.  I miss Canada Dry, Cheez Whiz, Skor Bars, East Side Marios, The Keg, most of the food chain restaurants and cheaper shipping rates!

 What is your favorite thing purchased from an Etsy shop? 
My very first purchase from Etsy was my hand-stamped necklace by Brag About It.  And that's my favorite thing and my favorite shop.  

How did you get sponsors? Did you ever think your blog would get this popular? Any advice or tips for other bloggers? What else will you put in your Etsy shop?
I only have one sponsor right now and that Em from And Nothing Else Matters.  I'm looking for more sponsors though.  Read THIS post for Sponsor information.  I have a special introductory offer going on right now.  All money made from Sponsors will be going back into my own advertising on bigger blogs to bring more traffic to my current sponsors.  
NO!, I never imagined my blog would have this many followers.  I still don't think i'm "popular" by any means.  I value all my readers and want to make my own business more successful and help all of you grow your blogs and businesses.  
My Etsy shop is going to be stocked soon with Leather Wrap Bracelets.  I like the necklaces, and making individual ones so my customers have a one of a kind piece.  

What's your favorite thing about living in Australia? If I were to visit someday what would you recommend I do/see there?
I love my life here.  It's hard no doubt not being close to my family, but theres a lot of great things to do here.  Gee...I don't know what my favorite thing would be.  I think it might be the weather - no shoveling, no digging my car out of the snow, getting stuck on the side of the road in snow.
I love Melbourne.  It's a great city and very accessible.  I love Vic Market - in fact I posted about Vic Market.  Read about that HERE.  
In November, Hubs and I are taking the girls to Queensland.  The Gold Coast Specifically.  They call it the Vegas of Australia.  It's got warm weather, theme parks etc.  We're really excited to explore another part of Australia.  I have been to Sydney but just stopping through on a few flights.  Although I have heard it's a great city too.  

What has been the best advice you've ever received?
Great question!.  I have gotten so much advice over the years,  but the best i'd say is something my grandma always said "Do unto others as you have done unto you".  I know it's such an old saying, but its stuck with me.  She actually has a picture that hangs in her house that was sewn by my great-grandmother that says this phrase, and I definitely want that.  

what is your most cherished item... other than your family and friends? So your most cherished non-living item?
I don't even have to think about this answer.  My Grandma wears 4 necklaces all in a row around her neck.  They are all on beautiful thick gold box chains.  Theres 4 grand-daughters, and we were each to get one when she passes away.  Thankfully, I still have my grandma around, so she still has 3 around her neck.  She gave me mine when I left Canada to move to Melbourne.  It broke my heart when she said that she didn't think she would ever see me again to give me my necklace.  But I keep it in my jewellery box and treasure this very very much.  I will pass this on to Eve when the time comes.  

My favorite question: where did you get ur girl's names from? Always love these stories!
I always liked the name Eve.  When I was pregnant I suggested it to Hubs and he didn't like it.  Eve was going to be a Taylor for a while, then Jillian for a while.  Even going into labour we still didn't have anything agreed upon.  Once Eve came out, she was passed straight to the nurses as my delivery was a bit hectic.  But once she was given the clear, she was passed to Doug.  He was holding her, and leaning against the wall.  He sank to the floor with tears in his eyes staring at his precious new baby girl.  The nurse asked him "Does she have a name", and he said "Yeah, Eve".  He said it stuck and at that moment he loved it and thats how Eve got her name.
Lilah was chosen by hubs.  We knew she was a girl, and I liked Lily but most of all wanted Ruby.  Hubs said no to Ruby, and a friend here has a daughter named Lily.  So the next name was Lilah in the book.  I suggested it not even thinking he would like it - well to my surprise he LOVED it.  Once Lilah made her speedy entry into this world, hubs was holding her and once again the Midwife asked what her name was and he said Lilah.  I looked at him with this face and said "Lilah?, really".  I tried once again to have Ruby and hubs replied with "No, it's been Lilah for this long, and shes our little Lilah" it stuck.  If we ever have another baby and it's a girl, i'm having Ruby or Lucy.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section!.  

Stay tuned for Your Questions Answered Part 2!


Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Love these!
... and I'm so happy hubby loved the name Ruby as much as I did! Phew! But Eve and Lilah are gorgeous names and they sound beautiful together! :)

Lisa @ Organized Chaos said...

I love the question/answer you had for the necklaces your grandma wears for you all. Made me sad to read about her giving you yours because you may not see her again. I still have my grandma too and I love her to death. I haven't seen her in a few years...she lives a few states away, but we talk on the phone and e-mail often! ~

Emily said...

Aww, I love the story of how your daughters were named.

Right now, one thing I'm most looking forward to when my husby and I have kids is naming them!

Cheeky D said...

I live in Canada with my American husband. One of the things he misses most about Florida are the restaurants as well. He always has a list of places to go when we visit.

Meesh said...

Love this post!! And so excited you answered my question!! :)

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

These were really great questions! I love the story about how your kids were named, that is the sweetest thing ever! The necklace being given to you by your grandmother before you left is so precious. That must have been such a great moment for her to give it to you personally. :)

Rena said...

so sweet!! thanks for answering my question im just still wondering how you chose australia of all places as the best for your family? you are extremely courageous and i really admire your strength in doing whats right for your family. and that video of your girls is incredible. those accents! theyre scrumptious.

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