Wednesday, June 15, 2011

10 Favorite Foods

I'm linking this up to Its a Crafty Life's 10 on Tuesday.

These are my top 10 favorite foods! (In no specific order)

 I could have Feta cheese on everything!.  Pizza, salads, you name it.  I love it!

I used to eat olives by the jar when I was a kid.  I still love them and buy them in a huge jar from Costco.  I also put them on pizza and salads.

Skor is my fave chocolate Bar. I love all it's crunchy goodness.  It's probably the only chocolate bar they DON'T have in Australia.  You can get them in specialty shops but they charge like 3 dollars a bar!

I couldn't narrow fruit down to anything specific because I love all fruits

Same with my veggies - I love them all.
I only like the Hostess brand.  It can't be any other brand of Ketchup chips.  Weird - I know!
Love Canada Dry Ginger Ale.  Again, this is something you can't get here in Australia.  They were selling it at Costco, but the last few times i've been there they didn't have it.  I was a bit reluctant to buy it last time because it was 15 dollars for 12 cans!
I love me some saucy deep fried chicken wings.  Then i'll eat only fruit and vegetables for the next week ;)


agardener said...

I know how much you love olives - when you were a little girl = you order gramma (for breakfast) a vodka martini with LOTS OF olives - the waitress just looked at me funny. lol
p.s. I didn't get the martini for breakfast - just ordered you a plate of olives.

Delaney said...

Delicious! I'm also a fan of fruit, veggies, popcorn, feta & wings!

Nicole said...

Delaney, for some reason its not letting me comment on your post!. It just keeps going back to the word verification and asking me to sign into Google, and I keep doing that but doesn't allow me to post. I tried commenting on your post a few days ago, and it was the same thing. Weird.

KateB said...

wow-it's so funny how much the markup is for stuff in other countries! Who woulda thought it about the ginger ale??!!

It's a Crafty Life said...

$15 for Canada Dry....crazy! :-) I love yogurt too, I actually just bought that strawberry banana one for my husband---he loves anything banana. I really like the ones where you can mix in bits of candy, just like a kid, ha! But I have to disagree with olives, I can't stand them! Thanks so much for linking up!

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