Monday, June 13, 2011

A First

 I finally got the courage yesterday to have some full body portraits taken.  I threw on an outfit and some make-up and asked Hubs to take some photos. They're not great, but hubs did a great job as Photographer.  I'm hesitant on putting them up, but here they are:

I'm wearing tops from Temt, Jeans from Jeanswest, shoes are from Aldo years and years ago, and my jewellery is from Little Miss Momma.  You can find her blog and Etsy shop HERE

I have to say that it took a lot for me to actually put this post up.  I'm definitely uncomfortable displaying pictures of my whole self - muffin top and bulging belly included.  I know some of these pictures make my shoulders look huge and make me look like a linebacker.  I think perhaps next time (did I just say next time?!), I'll try to find something else to do with my arms instead of putting them on my hips. 

Oh and that photo thats blurry....that would be because I had to rush to Lilah who had Fifi in a choke hold!!!!

This post was definitely inspired by someone.  Her name is Nina from Momma Go Round.  She has I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E fashion sense and I LOVE her outfits.  She also finds the best bargains!.  She looks good in everything she wears.  She has beautiful hair, a flawless face and has been the inspiration to take some pictures and get myself out there.  So this post is credited to her.  I'll be linking it up to her blog and WIWW at The Pleated Poppy. 

Please go see Nina at Momma Go Round - I'm positive you'll find her as awesome as I do!


Leslie said...

I came from momma go rounds linky party. Your blog is super cute and your outfit is adorable. Good job working up the courage! I just posted my 2nd outfit post.

miamihoney said...

You look great! I came from Momma Go Round but I haven't gotten around to participate in this style/fashion link ups. Keep it up, getting out of the box is great!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much! The comments are so encouraging and boost up my confidence.

Jen said...

You look great!!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hey, I'm your newest blog follower!

And I think you look great! And don't get me started on my Buddha belly (because I totally have you beat where that's concerned).

I know what you mean about needing courage to post pics. I try to camouflage the flaws but still take lots of pics so I only have to post the very best ones :).

I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

Love that gray shirt, so cute! What kind of material is it? I found ya from Momma Go Round, love your blog. Thanks for sharing!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

You are way too sweet! I was the same way when I first attempted not only style but pics. You should be BEYOND proud of yourself for getting out there and trying...its super scary! I love the full length ones and think you look beautiful!

Conni said...

I agree, Nina is great, and such in inspiration to us all

You look great, remember we are our own worst enemy

Thanks for sharing

retrohipmama said...

Congrats to your for being brave. We all have stuff we want to hide but getting it out there is a huge step!
I think you look great and can't wait to see your "next time".

agardener said...

Papa just read this blog and said "I am very happy to see your whole self" - and that you look good.

Lisa said...

I think you are gorgeous! ~ And that outfit rocks! :) I love skinny :)

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