Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New TV = Lazyness

I caved.
I caved and bought a TV for our bedroom AND got Foxtel installed in there. 

When we lived in Canada we had a TV in our bedroom but just had regular cable in there.  We didn't have the PVR in our room.  Here in Australia, regular cable is like 6 channels or something.  I know!.  I had the same eye popping reaction as your having right now wondering what enjoyment TV would be with only 6 limited channels!.  Here you have to have Foxtel and it comes with an IQ box (dual recording PVR) to get any decent channels. 

Since we've had the TV and Foxtel put in, there hasn't been 1 single night that I haven't gone to bed at the same time as the girls!.  I know - that equals LAZY!.  I feel lazy I think because i'm actually in bed at 7pm.  I'm not sleeping though.  Just snuggled up in bed with my cats snuggled with me, reading my favourite blogs on my iPad, playing Words With Friends, watching that days episode of Days of Our Lives all while listening to hubs snore away beside me.  That is the ultimate relaxation.  I try my hardest to get cleaned up and ready for the next day before the girls go to bed at 7, so I can go to bed with them.  I vacuum like a mad woman, do the dishes as fast as I can, and turn the heat off, shut the lights out and head up at 7. 

I am LOOOOOVING (I sang that btw) having a TV in my bedroom. 

(((((Be sure to check back tomorrow for a tour of my house )))))

1 comment:

Meredith said...

jealous!! i know we'd talk less w/ a TV in our room but man oh man i'd sure love it. bravo all night? yes please;)

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