Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10 Travel Places

I haven't done much travelling in my life. 
When I was a kid I went to Disney World twice, and then in 2006 we came to Australia to visit my Mother-in-Law.  That was a long flight with a 9 month old let me tell ya!

I dream about travelling.  I dream about my life prior to having kids and wish I would have taken the opportunity to travel.  Hopefully once my kids are grown, Hubs and I will get the chance to travel.

These are the top 10 places I would love to visit: (In no specific order)

I think I want to visit Hawaii so I can hopefully meet Dog the Bounty Hunter. 

I want to go to Italy so I can eat Bread and Pasta all day. 

I've always wanted to go to London.  I think of it as such a swanky place with people that have an awesome accent!.  Hubs lives in England for 1 year when he was a teen and hated it so I don't think I have much luck every travelling there.  This is the only accent people can tell someone off and still sound polite!

Paris.  The city of Love.

Who doesn't want to go to Vegas?!?!. 

I always thought Spain would be a cool place to be.

I just want 1 week in Mexico.  1 week to lay out in the sun and bake. 1 week to get waited on hand and foot, drink all I can, and eat all I can. 

Thailand may be the first place on this top 10 list I may get to see.  Hubs and I are in the midst of getting our passports renewed, and then our Visas re stamped.  Once this is done I think we may plan a trip to either Thailand or Bali. 

Ahhhh, Miami Beach.  Can you say Ami James?!?!?

Last but certainly not least, my home - Canada.  Although I have been to Calgary, Banff, Newfoundland and ofcourse Toronto, I'd love to see Vancouver. 


agardener said...

You can travel the whole world and there is nothing better than right here in Canada.

Delaney said...

Love your list, ours are very similar. Check out my 10 travel destinations: http://sweetteaserendipity.blogspot.com/2011/06/ten-on-tuesday-3_21.html

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