Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Wish List

I'm linking this post up to Love Stitched .  I love this idea Brittany has and thought it would be a great post.  I've been following Brittany for a while now and think shes great.  I wish I had her sewing talents.  And how cute are her boys?!. 

I'm going to follow her points:

WANT LIST {been on my "wish list" for a while now}
WISH LIST {better save my pennies or wait til a big holiday}
DREAM LIST {in my dreams...maybe ONE day}


Ashley Lynn Necklack from the Lovestitched Shop on Etsy.  You can find it HERE
Coach Handbag

Vintage Ring from Etsy


Canon EOS

Singer Sewing Machine
Michele watch


A big beautiful house with a white kitchen on the beach in California
A girl can dream can't she???

This craft room will be in my house on the beach

This shoe wall will be in my closet in my house

Lexus SUV


Brittany@Love Stitched said...

ooohhhh I LOVE that coach bag!!!!
BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much for sharing your wish list with me!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog =)

I love your wish list! Everything up there is amazing. I want that lexus, the camera, and that coach bag.

Barbara said...

We also have a house on the beach on our dream list! That coach bag is gorgeous!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

My sis-in-law has that coach bag - lucky girl!.

Janice said...

My wish for health and happiness for my family and to see my girls who are far away!
Love Mom xoxoox

agardener said...

I'm not wishing for anything - very rarely comes true anyway!

Delaney said...

I love most of these wants/wishes/dreams

Natassia said...

Great list! I would love a craft area too (and on the beach would be even better!)

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