Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Bucket List

I've seen a few bloggers out there lately putting their Bucket Lists up, and I thought it was a nice idea.
Perhaps if my list is out there it might motivate me more to start crossing things off!  So here goes:

1.  Go to the Ellen Degeneres Show

2.  Swim with Dolphins

3.  Get married

4.  Have kids

5.  Take a trip to Australia (Not only did I take the tip but I moved here)

6.  Learn how to sew so I can sew my girls a dress

7.  Sleep in a hut in Fiji over the Ocean

8.  Grow out my natural hair colour

9.  Go away on a Spa weekend

10.  Go on a honeymoon with my husband

11.  Own my own car

12.  Learn how to play the Piano

13.  Make a quilt each for my kids

14.  Deliver a baby

15.  Learn how to cut/dye hair

16.  Meet a Celebrity

17.  Meet Oprah

18.  Run a marathon

19.  Be able to see my Abs

20.  Take my kids to Disney

21.  Stick to a diet

22.  Have my own organic veggie garden

23.  Win a Contest

24.  Teach my children to be confident and kind

25.  Have a backyard with a tree house for the kids and a big sand pit

26.  Read a book each month

27.  Find the Cure for Cancer

28.  Safari in South Africa

29.  Make a difference

30.  Spend a summer in Italy eating and taking a million pictures

31.  Make a wedding cake

32.  Travel to a 3rd world country with  my kids

33.  Adopt a child

34.  Live in a big house in California with a Pool

35.  Learn how to use my Mac

36.  Eat only home cooked & healthy food

37.  Be on a The Price is Right

38.  Fly my entire family to Melbourne

39.  Go to Church

40.  Teach my daughters to cook

41.  Have a son

42.  Own an Antique piece of furniture

43.  Own an investment property

44.  Write a book that people will want to read

45.  Live in Manhattan for a year

46.  Stay in bed ALL day with Hubs

47.  Volunteer at the sick kids hospital

48.  Open my own Etsy shop

49.  Walk to work instead of driving

50.  Have a lemonade stand with my kids

51.  Spend the day cooking with Jamie Oliver

This is all I can think of right now.  I'll add to the list as I go along this path called Life.

Now, tell me 3 things that are on your Life List?


Janice said...

Just three things for me....its a bucket and wish list:
1. To see my grandkids again before they are adults.
2. To see Rachel and Brookie get married and have children.
3. To go on a trip with my parents.
Love Mom xoxoox

Barbara said...

Those are great things to have on the bucket list!

1) Attend my son's wedding
2) Take a second honeymoon with my husband
3) Move back to the States

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Just one thing.
I live in a beautiful city in a country that people call "a 3rd world country" and that doesn't define our people, culture, food and traditions. It would be nicer if you choose a "3rd world country" for your bucket list and write the name, and don't call it like that, it sound very disrespectful.
Thank you! have a nice day

Amy said...

Hi, my good friend did a beautiful post on her daughters lemonade stand, just thought i would share with you as i read it was on your list :-)

Miranda said...

you have to cross off number 48 since you have your own Etsy show :)

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