Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Miss Mommy low down...must read

I've got some BIG things coming up for all you Miss Mommy readers. 
I'm having, in my eyes a Celebrity Guest Poster tomorrow and another Giveaway!. 
Are you all as excited as I am??!!!.  Let me give you a hint....she's going to Shine!!.  Can any of you guess who's coming on over???

I'm also heading over to Lacee at Mommas Like me to do a guest post this week.  Remember Lacee?.  She posted here about those amazingly delicious Peanut Butter & Chocolate Sammies.  Click HERE to see her post if you haven't already.  So stay tuned for my post and be sure to check it out and show Lacee some love.  We all love some loving don't we??

I'm closing off the current DonaArg Boutique Giveaway on Friday - have you entered?
Click HERE to enter these:

Feathers are the thing right now so hurry up and enter to win!!!. 
As a bonus and out of Dona's kindness she is offering all Miss Mommy readers a 10% discount in her shop.  Use the code 10SUMMER at checkout.
Click HERE to get to DonaArg Boutique Etsy Shop

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Momma Rake said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks for your sweet comment on my pom pom lamo! I love your blog!!! I too am trying to figure out how to take pics of myself! It is so dang hard! Not sure how everyone does it! :) XO!


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