Monday, July 18, 2011

Winter Blues

I'm sick of Winter.  Already.  It's been pretty cold here lately.  I know to some of you it may seem a bit spoiled of me as I came from Toronto Canada where it gets to well below zero and you must go out and start your car 30 minutes prior to leaving so the ice and snow melt enough that you can clean it off.  We don't get snow here.  It gets to lowest about zero degrees.  But it's still cold.  Brrrrr. 

I'm getting a little sick of the gray days, the rain, and wearing a jacket etc.  Come on Summer, tanks, skirts and sandals again.  I want to take the girls outside to the park without freezing and Lilah's lips turning blue. 

It's dark at 5 pm here right now.   The dog's not getting walked, the kids aren't getting outside, and the heater is turned right up and we're pretty much in pj's at 6pm and under the blankets. 

Our diet also changes when winter hits.  We've been eating a lot of heavy things and more of it.  I make alot of crock pot dishes, lasagnas etc, as opposed to in Summer we eat more grilled chicken, salads, wraps etc. 

Come back summer - I miss you!

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Lisa@organizedchaos said...

So the season's must be flipped! It's dead, hot middle of the Summer here!~ Warm up soon! :)

Emily said...

This post is a reminder of what is coming our way! While we're in the middle of the summer now, I know that the dark days of winter are just around the corner.

Following you from blogaholic! Love your blog design - so clean and easy to read!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Gale said...

I could use a little of your winter out here. We've had triple diget temps all summer...too hot to do anything, so my boys sit inside and watch copious amounts of TV and play video games and legos until about 7:00 when it's decent enough to go outside.

Thought you might enjoy this picture of my little one's response to the summertime heat...I think he wants winter to come too!

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