Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair Waves & A New Winner!!!!!

I have hair that is beyond thick.  I know - some girls envy but to my demise I get it thinned every single time i'm at my hair salon.  

In Canada I had a girl at a Salon I went to for a Looooong time.  I was a bit worried I wouldn't find someone here that I liked as much.  It took a few months of living here and trying a few different places until I found my girl.  She moved salons once and now does it out of her house.  I travel 35 minutes each way to see her.  She knows my hair and I trust her.  

The last time I went to see her I asked "How can I get that wavy look"?.  I have ADMIRED Ashley @ LITTLE MISS MOMMA & Nina @ MOMMA GO ROUND'S hair and have wanted to achieve that look.  My hairdresser replied "Your hair is wavy".  I was like 'Whaaaaat"!!!!!.  

I knew after my pregnancies that my hair was unusually hard to straighten and had this "fluffiness" about it.  I thought it was just all the colouring and the hardship I put my poor hair through.  But my hairdresser says that despite all the hardship and torture I put my hair through it is very healthy.  As soon as I left my hair appointment that day I went straight to Hair House Warehouse to get some hair curling supplies and products.  

I tried waving my hair last week but wasn't overly impressed.  Something was missing and I did something wrong.  I'm not even going to put pictures up because I refused to take any and washed my hair out right away.  That was until I stalked  read Nina's hair wave Tutorial the other day.    I did *exactly* what Nina does and got the result I was looking for.  What I was missing was the Mousse and the key is the diffuser.  I literally went out straight after I read her tutorial and bought a new blowdryer with a diffuser.  


Note:  Please excuse the poor quality of the photos, i'm new to this camera and haven't worked it out yet other than Auto mode.  I also have not 1 stitch of make-up on, so you might want to just focus on the hair so you're not blinded.  

So, on to the second part of this post - A NEW WINNER

Leslie didn't claim her prize so I have done the Random Number Generator again and...

lesels said...

I am following you on Twitter :)


lesels said...

Yahoo!! I am so excited! Just sent you an email :)

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

That's exactly what I've been doing this week! I finally found a "messy" hairstyle that looks legit! :)

Leslie said...

Oh you have GOT to be kidding me! Blast! I knew I should've checked my Google reader sooner! Bummer, guess I'll have to try try again! :) Love your hair, BTW! So super cute!

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