Tuesday, August 9, 2011


How do you get the perfect balance in life?
I often wonder how other moms do it and get a balance between work, kids and personal time.

This struck me last night as I received a phone call from my local gym offering me a 2 week free membership.  I told the girl that it was a very nice offering but unfortunately, I had to decline because I simply do not have time to go to the gym.  She said "You have to make time".  I got annoyed, and said thanks but no thanks and hung up.

I sat there and thought about it and I really don't have time.  This is what our schedule is like:

Monday - Eve goes to school, Lilah goes to daycare, I grocery shop, clean, laundry do other errands.  Pick the girls up at 3:30, play for a bit, make dinner, bath, read & Bed.  Then I catch up on my favourite blogs and make my goodies for my Etsy shop thats opening soon.

Tuesday - we have the same morning routine, but I work 9-5.  Same evening routine.

Wednesday & Thursday - Same as Tuesday

Friday - Eve goes to school, and I spend the day with Lilah.  We go out sometimes, we stay home sometimes, we take an afternoon nap together.  I love every single second of my day with her.  We get Eve from school at 3:30, then it's the same evening routine.

Weekends are always full.  We always have something on.  Eve either has a birthday party, or we have something to attend.  We try and get out in the garden, or tackle a project we've put on the back burner.  Sometimes we will get up and go out for the day.  We'll get in the car, drive somewhere, pick a place to eat, and spend the day out. 

All while this happens, hubs works.  His schedule varies day to day.  The tricky part about his job is that he works shifts and doesn't find out what hes working the next day until that day at 2:30.  I can't schedule anything around him or count on him to be there for the kids.  I'm the dependable one when it comes to the kids. 

So how would I fit in going to the gym?.  I could possibly go Monday and Friday but I feel  horrible sticking Lilah into another daycare for an hour even while I work out.  I just can't take that time away from her. 

Don't get me wrong - I would LOVE to go to the gym!.  I would love to shed 15 kilos....but I just don't know where I can fit that in!. 

My life has become this balancing act that I constantly struggle with.  I feel guilty if I don't spend enough time with the kids, and then I feel guilty if I didn't call my mom on Sunday because we went out. 

How do you manage to find balance?  Is there such a thing as "the perfect balance"?


Lindsi said...

I am continuously searching for this balance...If you find it, could you let ME know too?!! He, he!

Lacee said...

Sometimes I feel like I am a juggler in a circus just trying to keep everything in motion so it doesn't all come crashing down on me! You are not alone my dear in this quest for balance. Its always helped me to schedule time for myself, but sticking to it and not letting other things get in the way (like my own guilt) is the hard part.

Lacee @ Mommas Like Me

Kendra @Blendra said...

Oh wow, this post made my day. I struggle with this every day. As a working mom I feel guilty for having any me time, except when the kiddos are in bed... Becaue they're in daycare when I'm at work. It's nice to read about someone who feels the same. (;

Salena said...

Once again, so me. My husband works nights, therefore he misses all the daily stuff. We have no sitter so I am all we have. I am burned out and been joking around lately that a trip to the psych ward would be a very good vacation. There is no time to do anything around here, especially with my 3 little girls always here getting into stuff when I'm trying to get stuff done around the house. As they get older I'm hoping for more sanity. I already have 3 older kids, I'm not naive, I know what comes with that territory... But that least by then they'll be self sufficient in self care and feeding. :)

Hello I'm Lala! said...

I completely understand!! I'm constantly looking for balance and trying to make more time for ME. It's not easy. How do you tell your 2 year old, "Sorry, but Mommy needs alone time." LOL.

M said...

Hi Miss Mommy - I am stopping by from Little Miss Momma! Great blog!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the white dresser below!


Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

I understand what you are saying! It's definitely hard to cram work out time into there! You could always start a routine of taking the girls for a walk every day or every couple of days. That might help the 15 kilos slip away over time? Either way, you do great anyways! :)

Sally @ A Blessed Existence said...

There is no perfect balance, just what works for you and your family. I work 7-5 (with commute) M-F and generally have class at least six hours a week. Not only do I not have time for the gym, I barely have time for homework and cooking.

This semester I actually only have two arranged classes, we won't meet weekly, and I won't know what to do with myself and the free time I'll have.

Unfortunately, it won't be a gym, as our gym doesn't have a day care and my husband is out of state two weeks a month.

Eek. I cannot imagine it with two kids.

kyna... said...

Your blog is so real and honest! I LOVE it!
♥ Kyna

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