Thursday, August 4, 2011

Suggestions Please!!

So, it's official....I have become a thrift store furniture junkie!!!!!

I have been stalking my local thrift stores for weeks.

I saw this dresser/Antique Desk and fell IN LOVE!!!!!

Isn't she beautiful!.  I saw her and HAD to have her.  She needs some TLC and thats exactly what I want to give her.

My questions to you - my lovely readers is what colour should I paint her?.  

She has a hidden secret compartment:

I'm going to roughly sand her and prime her - but am unsure what colour to paint her.

I've thought about Turquoise?.  I thought about that with perhaps a soft pink in the secret writing compartment?

Suggestions would be appreciated!!!

Thank you :)


Gina said...
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Gina said...

Depends on what colors are inside your home. I've seen a lot of redone desks/dressers lately that are grey and I love them. Then you could do the soft pink inside.
Also, I love the "worn" look. Check out the site below
Good luck!

Amber said...

I love painting furniture fun colors like yellow or turquiose. To make it a ''look at me'' piece. Great find!

Samantha M said...

Turquoise is exactly what I was thinking and then distress it a little to have some dark color show through! So pretty!

Samantha M.

Alyssa said...

you could take it in two different directions...I am loving teal right now, which seems to be a popular color among many fellow bloggers. And then maybe paint the inside compartment a fun shade of yellow? Or...if that doesn't go with the interior of your home maybe doing a timeless color would be better if you don't think you'd be up to redoing it again the future...maybe an antiqued white, you know paint it white then destress it a bit with a sander, chains, etc? Or I love the idea of grey (which someone mentioned up there) But either way I'd paint the secret compartment something fun and funky since you won't see that often. Unless you plan on using that space to display something fun around the holidays maybe?? Oh, or you could mod podge some fun scrapbook pages on the inside. I would tear them into smaller pieces, leaving the edges torn and mod podge them in layers. Or even paint the inside a pretty color then stamp or stencil something over the paint. Heck, you could even do that to the outside, how pretty would that be?? Ok, I love the piece and clearly need to get one for myself with all these ideas I'm having. Sorry if I just confused you more and gave you more ideas than you already had floating around!!!


Kaitlin Jean said...

OOOh I LOVE the desk!! I think you should make it shabby chic! I actually just turned an old dresser into a buffet table and painted it bright orange!! I say do what ever you want with it!... I am in love with chalk board paint right now and even used that on my buffet. You could use some on the front of the drawers of inside... For colors I think you idea is cute! Turquoise with pink inside. I also think that these would be cute: gray with a bright color inside, green with gray inside, or navy with coral or pink inside...

Cant wait to see what you end up doing! :)

Melissa, SoChick! said...

I love your color ideas, I also like the grey suggestion. What if you covered the secret door panel with a print fabric that ties all of the colors together? That'd be fabulous!

Chrissy said...

What about a base coat of white/offwhite, then paint it turquoise, distress it so the white shows through and paint the inside a dark grey? I don't know if you've distressed much in your day, but if you scrape a piece of wax along the edges (or wherever else)after the first coat and then sand the turquoise the paint will just peel right off!

Natasha in Oz said...

This is such a great piece and I agree that turquoise would look fabulous...if it was me though...I'm a grey girl through and through!

Thanks so much for popping by and visiting 5 Minutes Just for Me recently. It's lovely to meet another Aussie blogger!

Best wishes for a great week,

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