Monday, August 15, 2011

The Things You Do For Love

Since becoming a mom, i've had to do things sometimes that I really didn't feel like doing.  

For example, getting up in the middle of the night several times to feed a crying baby is not something I enjoyed doing for an entire year.  I've had to miss events to stay home with my girls.  I don't get great pleasure out of pushing kids in a swing in the park for hours.  I don't enjoy taking 2 kids to the grocery store - when I could be in and out in 15 minutes but it takes closer to an hour when they come.  

I've learnt over the past 5 and a half years that the girls come first and even though I don't feel like doing things at times, I do them because I love the girls.  I do these things because they are my kids and as they grow up they will have these memories.

Today for instance is my day off.  I changed my work hours to longer days to have 1 more day per week off - and that day is Monday.  Mondays are my days to get the 1874 loads of laundry done, clean the house, prepare the meals for the upcoming 3 days I work longer hours, and maybe just maybe, I get a chance that day to relax.  

Sunday afternoon I felt this cold coming on and before Sunday evening rolled around, I had a full fledged sneezing fit, sore throat, runny nose, my head felt like a brick and my ears ached.  
So Monday morning came and I felt worse, but had already volunteered to going on a school trip with Eve's class.  Not only was it Eve's class but it was 2 other Prep classes.  So that was 60 plus 5 & 6 year old kids.  YAY!.  Great, because thats exactly what I want to be doing on my day off.  I was dreading it, but had to go.

I went on the school trip today out of love for my beautiful 5 year old.  Eve was beyond thrilled that Mommy was coming and as heavy as my head felt, and as much as I wanted to lay in bed all day and rest, I couldn't let her down.

Here are some pictures from our day:
(Although I took hundreds of photos, I am only putting ones of Eve up as I didn't ask permission from other moms in the class to put other children up)

Momma & her Joey

Wilma.  Wilma is 9 years old and apparently pigs usually only live until about 6, so Wilma is very old!

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Salena Lee said...

Such nice pictures! Looks like she had a lot of fun and is very happy that you went with her. It's so hard to push through when you're sick. Mom's don't get sick days, I wish we did. Feel better! :)

Lisa said...

Looks like your little cutie was having a great are a good momma! I hope you are feeling better!
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

Lacee said...

Eve is an absolute DOLL!! Wilma...not so much lol ;) I think that being a sick momma is one of the worst things. Eve is so blessed to have a momma like you, though, and will always remember that you were there for her. Feel better friend!

Barbara said...

The pictures are too sweet! The things we won't do for love!

highheels2flipflops said...

You are SUCH a good mama! You work so hard at home and you work out of the house! Not to mention you probably cook dinner more nights a week then I do. I am beyond impressed with you friend. I know that Eve will look back on these pictures and remember that day and all the fun you two had together. Props to you for making it all happen even when you didn't feel well. You are in fact a SUPER MAMA in my book! Much love to you! xoxo

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