Monday, August 22, 2011

How this Canadian came to live in Australia

I get asked a lot how I came to live in Australia and why Melbourne.  I forget sometimes how much I stand out here.  As soon as I begin speaking people know right away I am not an Australian.  I also get asked "what part of America are you from" - I reply with "none".  Then they know im a Canadian.  

The story behind why I live in Australia is this:

In 1994 my husband's mom met a new man.  Funny enough her new man is actually Scottish.  They met in Newfoundland (where hubs is originally from), and him being a Dentist wanted to start a Practice in Australia.  So they did - they packed up and moved to Australia in 1995.  

Hubs went to high school here and pretty much spent half his life here.  In 2002 he decided he was going to move to Toronto Ontario Canada for 3 months to spend time with his Dad.  

Well 3 months turned into 7 years.  After 3 months was over hubs had already made a few friends and wanted to stay in Ontario.  

Hubs and I met in 2004, married in 2005 and had a baby in 2006.  You might say fast, but I say LOVE.

When I met hubs he had a thick Aussie accent.  Yes, ok - that was part of the reason I was so attracted to him...but love prevailed in the end.  After we married and had Eve,  hubs always stressed how much he wanted to move back to Australia and raise our family there.  

In November of 2006, we visited Australia.  Eve was 9 months old and I DO NOT recommend taking a 9 month old on a 24 hour flight.  It wasn't the best trip as I ended up getting really sick and the entire time here I dreaded my flight home.  

So a few years passed and Hubs and I decided to start trying for another baby.  All the while hubs is still talking about moving to Australia and I kept just putting it off and thinking "it will pass".  16 months went by and we still weren't pregnant.  3 cycles of clomid later and we still weren't pregnant.  To say I was devastated and stressed was an understatement.  

We struggled financially & hubs struggled emotionally because he wanted to be here in Australia so bad.  I was struggling with my new job, and my wanting to be pregnant, that I finally thought "maybe hubs is right - maybe it would be a good move".

Hubs' Permanent Residency Visa was going to expire in 2012 and if we didn't move by then, they would not re-new it and we would never get the chance to move here.  So the fact that we were somewhat time crunched and things financially weren't great, and we were having troubles conceiving, and my job wasn't great is what sealed the deal.  

Now don't confuse that with the fact that it was hands down the most difficult decision  i've ever had to make.  It didn't come lightly and was pretty much 5 years in the making.  

As soon as we lodged mine and Eve's visa application we found out we were expecting.  We were elated.  I was thrilled that out wishes of having a second child were finally coming true.  

In March of 2009 Hubs got on a Cathay Pacific flight and left for Australia.  We decided that it would be a good idea if he came first to get a job, and get things a bit sorted out before Eve and I came.  I was 20 weeks pregnant with Lilah and Eve was 3 and a half when we got on a flight.  

The 3rd of June 2009 was the last time I saw my mom.  I think that day was the most horrible day of my life thus far.  There are no words for the devastation and sadness that comes along with leaving your family.  Until you've done it, I don't think anyone can understand.

So here I am - 2 years later.  
I've had hard times, good times and sad times.  But i've survived and things here are good.  Over all I definitely think I made the right choice for my family to move here.  Even if I didn't think so, I can't look back with regret, I can only look forward and onto the positive things to come in my life.  

I still get very sad and very homesick but I think that will always be the case.  As much as I love my life here - there really is no place like home.


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Kylie Ofiu said...

It must be so hard moving internationally. I hate living interstate from my family (a whole 3hour drive! lol), let alone another country.

Congrats on the 2 kids. And your whirlwind marriage seems like ours (met late 04, married early 05 but no baby until 07, due to my fertility issues. Would've liked sooner).

Anyways, glad you look forward, with no regrets!

Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I moved to Montreal, which was 4 hours from my parents and I thought THAT was hard! Almost as soon as I got pregnant with our first... I knew we'd be moving back home!
I can only imagine how hard it is for you sometimes... but you have your husband and your daughters with you and that's the most important thing! :)

Andi said...

Wow...what a ride! That takes a huge amount of courage and love to make a move like that. I can't imagine, you're my hero! I moved across the United states and thought that was crazy.

Barbara said...

I remember the day I came to live in France, I was excited and devastated all rolled into one! Just like you, it was all for love!

Kaitlin Jean said...

wow what an incredible story!! I am so glad you shared because I had always wondered how you came to live in Australia! (I have always wanted to come and visit there!)... On another note I nominated you for an award in my blog post on Friday! :) (Im sorry I am just now getting to tell you, It was a crazy weekend) So if you can you'll have to check it out!!

Lisa said...

Aww....I finally got a chance to actually read your whole post! Thanks for sharing your story...I have often wondered how you ended up in Australia! I cannot believe you haven't seen your mom in over 2 years~! :( I hope you get to see her soon...I couldn't imagine being that far away from my mom. She is my best friend! ((hugs))friend!
~Lisa @ Organized Chaos

Ashley said...

i've heard australia is beautiful! i would love to go one day. a friend of mine lives over there, i'm not sure what the city is called but she's been there for about a year. found you through the duty family blog and i love yours too! glad to be your newest follower to your blog and your twitter :)


Jess@Drops of Motherhood said...

What a great story. :) We will have to meet when my fiance and I finally tie the knot & go on our honeymoon. He choose Australia, he wants to move there someday. :)

Sheri said...

I can't imagine leaving my family to move to a country so far away! My hubby and I are Canadian and have talked about moving to Australia for his work. It always sounds dreamy but it's a huge, brave decision you made! Thanks for sharing your story!

Jodi said...

Thanks for sharing your story! As I sit here snuggling my little baby and I silently cry. I said goodbye to my mom today, too and my heart still hurts. While my children and I only moved 3 hrs away... Leaving the safety net of my family was heartwrenching. But while my fiancé and I start our new combined family... I know the adventure that lies ahead is worth it.

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