Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eureka Tower Climb

As many of you know, my fitness levels aren't that great!. 
But I am taking on a challenge for a great cause and climbing the Eureka Tower this Sunday.
The purpose of this event is not only to test my fitness levels (which are virtually non existent!) but also to raise money for the charity Whitelion and Interplast Australia who work tirelessly to "rebuild young lives". 
Our team has managed to raise a whopping 1700!.  But there's a catch - if we raise 2000 we get to go right to the roof of the Eureka Tower and view the 360 degree view of the city of Melbourne.  We really want to get to 2000. 
I would greatly appreciate any support which you could offer me with my fundraising efforts. 
Simply follow these steps:
1.     Go to
2.      (This will take you to my sponsorship page)
3.     Click on the 'Sponsor McMahon Osborne Group 2' button and then simply fill out your sponsorship details.
All donations are tax deductible.

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