Monday, November 7, 2011

Your Questions Answered Part 2

This part 2 of THIS post:

What words of advice would you give to someone who is moving to a new country? (my cousin wants to move to Austraila)
I would say you have to give a good shot.  You can't come here and within a few weeks think you're not happy and want to go home.  I think you have to give it a good couple of years.  Give it time to get yourself settled.  It takes time.  You will be sad, and homesick, but it will pass.  Explore your new city.  Try different restaurants and sight see.  

What's you & your hubbys love story?
Funny - we met on the internet.  We knew mutual people and met up with friends.  We immediately clicked.  Our first date was actually a Motley Crue Concert!.  I should have known then what I was getting myself into eh?!.  I have a great hubby and we've been married for 6 years.  We've had our hard times like everyone else, and our marriage has withstood an international move, 2 children and we're still solid.  

What is the hardest part of being Mom?
TIME!.  I have a hard time managing my time.  I've figured out that you really literally can't manage time.  You just have to prioritize.  I also struggle with the thought about my girls getting older.  I hate the fact that they will grow up and leave me.  I want them to stay little and innocent forever.  

If money were no issue, where would you vacation and why? 
Italy, Spain, Canada (ofcourse), California, South America.  Canada because my family is there obviously, but the others I've always had an attraction to and thought they'd be great places to see.  

Where's your favorite place to shop?



Munchie's Mama said...

I would love for you to come visit me in California!!!!

Olivia said...

I love target too!!!

Meesh said...

Target is my favorite {helps that the hubs works there!!} And as soon as you go to Italy let me know I want to also lol :) Spain and Italy are my dream places!!

The Alie Way said...

Just think! If you were still in Canada, you couldn't shop at Target! I'm Canadian and love your blog. I've moved away from my family too and as soon as I had my son, I had never felt so homesick. I'm certainly not as far away as you are but I genuinely feel your pain. As cliche as it sounds, time does heal. Thanks for writing and sharing,

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