Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sponsoring & Maximazing your Sponsorships 101

Do you sponsor other blogs?. 
Are you a blog that has just started to offer sponsorships?
I'm somewhat at that point and thought I would share my experiences thus far with you.

I didn't really start offering sponsorships until  my blog reached around 600 followers.  Before then I swapped spots with other bloggers.  If you're not sure what "swapping" is - it's a "swap" of blog buttons between you and another blogger and placed in Sponsor sections on eachothers blogs.  Having your button on someone elses blog is a great way to gain more exposure for you and your shop. 
If you are thinking of paying for sponsorship on another site, look into what comes with that spot before committing to anything.  Does that spot come with a group feature?, individual feature?, giveaway option?, guest posting option?. 
Every Blogger offers different perks to their advertising spots.  You have to look around and pick what works for you and your blog.  Some bloggers also make it mandatory that if you are going to participate in their group giveaway that the giveaway be a minimum amount.  If you're not comfortable with that, then perhaps that particular blog is not the right one for you to advertise on.  Also, try and peruse blogs that has similar content to yours.  Look at what comments they get and what type of readers they have. 

If you are trying to promote baby clothes, then perhaps advertising on a blog that is more child orientated is best for you.  Make sense?
Whatever blog you pick, make sure you maximize your sponsorship to it's full potential.  If you are offered a guest posting option - take it.  It's a great way for other readers to get to know you.  If you're offered a giveaway option - take that as well.  Be sure to ask the blogger you are advertising with what mandatory entry options they have.  Will they make it a mandatory entry to follow your blog?.  Are they flexible with that?.  Ask as many questions as you can to maximize your experience as a sponsor.  The point of sponsoring is to gain more readers and more exposure for yourself and your shop/product. 
One of the things I have done was sending out some of my product to bloggers for review and featuring.  I have a few sponsor ads out there and I have sent them products.  It's also a great way for them to really see my products up close and feature them any way they can. 
Now onto costs!
I have started out offering a pretty low, reasonable & affordable cost for advertising on my personal blog.  I offer different sized ad spots - therefore different prices.  I have found this is usually the case on most blogs.  With each ad space comes different features.  The larger ones are a bit more expensive but they come with better perks. 
The perks being:
 - Individual Feature
 - Group Feature
 - Guest Posting option
 - Giveaway Option
 - lots of shout-outs on all my social media sites
 - Option to pick your own giveaway entry options
I personally try to be very flexible with my sponsors.  Afterall - they have paid money for this and I want to give them the absolute best I possibly can. 

I am trying to promote my own blog and my own shop and by charging for advertising, I am able to do just that.  It gives me that little bit extra money so I can sponsor other "bigger" blogs than my own.  I think of it as a "domino effect" - the money you pay to sponsor a blog usually goes right back into advertising.  When I advertise on a "bigger" blog it gives my blog more exposure which in turn gives you more exposure and views. 
I realize that the "bigger" bloggers charge significantly more than a "smaller" blog, and that's ok.  But how much is too much?
I realize that being a "bigger" blog would result in more sponsorship inquiries therefore having to charge more, but what about the smaller blogs?.  Shouldn't they be able to gain maximum exposure at a reasonable cost?
Aren't we all in this together, and all trying to grow our shops and blogs?
My advice to you if you are thinking about advertising on a "bigger" blog and paying a hefty price, please do your research & ask questions to see if it's the right fit for you.  Also, don't hesitate to ask how many page views per day/month they get and how many followers they have on their social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter.  I wouldn't even hesitate asking where they advertise.  Do they advertise on other blogs?.  If so, which ones?

This folks is my take on sponsorship & advertising.  With all that said my own sponsor section will be changing very soon.  I will be keeping prices reasonable but working towards making it better for you

{Please keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions and experiences.  If you have something to share that you think may be helpful to me and other readers, please leave it in the comments section or e-mail me.  I would love your feedback}



Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Well said Nicole! It can be a confusing subject matter at times. xoxo

Lacey said...

That was really well written and informative! I just opened my blog up for sponsorship and this has helped me some. Thanks, Nicole!

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

Thanks for this post! As you know, I'm just at the point of trying to figure all this out. Thanks for the great tips! xoxo

The Crafted Sparrow said...

Thanks. I was wondering about all this! I've decided as much as I want to grow my blog bigger, financially I just can't right now. So I am trusting that word of mouth and being linking up at parties will draw some attention and slowly bring new followers. For now that's all I can do. Hopefully someday I will be to a point that I can offer sponsorship and sponsor on other blogs, but that day is not today! :D Now I know what to look for though and how things work a bit better.

Erica said...

This is a GREAT piece! You really cleared up a lot of questions and made the whole sponsorship a little more comfortable of a process. I'm with you that I sometimes don't understand the crazy rates people charge to "sponsor" their blog ( I know some people do use this as a source of income for their growing families but I think there is a price that is TOO high)... and like you said we are all in this together!!

Rebecca said...

That's fantastic advice! Thanks for sharing. I'm currently looking to do sponsor swaps on my site if anyone is interested...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! ( I'm following you back and LOVE your site. Very cute to look at! :)

Amy said...

Very well written. I'm pinning this for the day I get to the point of sponsoring my blog. For now I'll just give free advertising via buttons for some of my favorite blogs. :)

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