Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our History {Part 6}

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It finally happened.  I was pregnant - when we least expected it to happen.

We spent the next few months soaking in all the family time we could get before Hubs left.

Hubs left in March of 2009 for Australia while I waited for our Permanent Residency Visas to come through.  

Being pregnant caused a bit of a delay and a hiccup as I couldn't full-fill the chest x-ray requirement.  They ended up waiving that until after I delivered.  

For the next 3 months it was decided that Eve and I would move in with my parents while we waited.  

Eve and I settled into life living with my parents easily.  It was familiar to me obviously and Eve has the best relationship with my parents and sisters.

 I soaked in all the time I could with my mom

I took Eve to the Port Dover Beach and enjoyed my last 3 months in Canada.  I didn't know when I'd be back again.  

My Grandma, mom, sisters, Eve and I went on a 2 night little holiday to Great Wolf Lodge.

My belly grew too

I awaited early June when Eve and I would be re-united with Hubs.  This was going to be so good for us - we were going to be financially secure and happier in Australia, right?

Part 7 coming soon



Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

How nice you got to stay with your family for those 3 months. I can understand how that could have made it much harder to leave since you had a tighter bond over that time. You are super cute with that baby bump!

Camille said...

i am really loving your story!

your relationship with your family is really wonderful.


Elizabeth said...

Love all the pictures you include

Debbie @ OtRD said...

So glad to hear you are back together again, can't wait to read the next part...

Crystal Mendez said...

Love to come here and hear ur testemony God bless

Meesh said...

Loving this story!! Can not wait to read part 7!! :)
-Meesh :)

Lindsay said...

I've loved following your story! How nice you at least got to spend that time with family. You and your mom look like twins!

Mrs AOK said...

Okay I'm hooked! I finally sat and read all 6 parts : ) can't wait for Part 7 thanks for sharing... your story is *so* similar to mine. I hated leaving my family... but home is here with my little family and wherever life takes us. Best to you and your family-

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