Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our History {Part 2}

Read Part 1 here

Part 1 left off with you guys probably wondering why we were suffering.  

Hubs and I lost eachother.  We lost each other in lifes every day struggles.  We struggled for money.  We struggled very bad.  Hubs worked so hard but it was never enough.  It put a very big strain on our marriage.  

In November if 2006 we visited Australia.  We ventured on the 21 hour flight with our 9 month old to visit his family.

Hubs is a Canadian from Newfoundland.  But he spent the majority of his life in Melbourne Australia.  

Australia to home for Hubs.  He felt at home.  Since the day we got married, he wanted to move back to Australia.  Hubs' parents paid for our trip to Australia as we could not afford it.  I am forever grateful for that opportunity.  

We had fun while in Australia.  We went to the Melbourne Cup together.  

Once we returned from Australia, things went back to normal.  In fact, I think they got worse.  Hubs and I fought more.  He wanted to move there and I was dead set against it.
Eve turned 1 and I went back to work full-time.  I worked for a great law firm called McHugh Mowat Whitmore Ionico MacPherson.  

I worked.  Hubs worked.  Eve went to Daycare.  

We struggled, we fought, we argued about where the best place was to live - but our little angel was happy.

I couldn't imagine taking Eve away from my Mom.  Theres a connection there that none of us can begin to comprehend.  You can see it in these pictures.  It's something that can't ever be broken.  

Life carried on, we worked and waited for the next thing.  

The next thing took a while to come along.  

I don't really think either of us knew what the next thing was.  I think we stood still for a while wondering what was going to happen.  Neither of was content.  We were both on edge.  Neither of us took it all in and looked at what we really had.  What we really had was a healthy child, jobs, a roof over our heads, family and love. 

We were lucky.  I didn't realize it then, but I do now.  

Part 3 coming soon



Katie said...

Those pics of your Mom and Eve are so precious! Theres just something about a grandmother and her grandchildren - Maddy has a special bond with my mom too. Something special that isnt shared with anyone else. And how awesome that your in-laws flew you out there!! Im on edge....need to know more Girl! Bring it on ;)

Leslie-Anne said...

Enough teasers..Part 3 please!! I triple LOVE this/these blogs :) <3

Munchie's Mama said...

I can relate so much to your struggles as a couple. I am really enjoying reading your story and getting to know you better. Looking forward to more!

Mamma Homemaker said...

I'm a new follower from the weekend hop, Reading this gave me chills! It's so similar to our story as well. I'm definitely going to go back and read part 1 and I'm looking forward to reading part 2! Come on over to my blog when you have a chance

Looking forward to reading more!

Meesh said...

Eve is so darn adorable! Love her cheese grin, makes me smile! And thank you so much for sharing your story with us!! Love this!! -Meesh :)

OutnumberedMama said...

I am your newest follower, and I hope you will stop over to return the favor! The Busy Woman's Guide to Surviving Motherhood

CRichman said...

following back, thanks for stopping by crichmanfreebies!!!

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