Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our History {Part 5}

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If you're new here, I suggest reading the first 4 parts of this story before reading this one so you're not confused :)

Christmas 2008 came and went.  Winter was in full swing and we were trying to decide how to break the news to my parents about our move.

Eve's 3rd birthday was just around the corner and we still hadn't told my family about the move.  I think they suspected it, but it was never confirmed to them.  I decided we would have Eve's birthday and then break the news.

Somehow, my parents found out and knew at Eve's Birthday.  So her 3rd birthday (Feb 1) was very bitter sweet as it would be the last birthday we would celebrate together for a long time.  

The next month or so was spent planning for our move.  Selling things, giving them away, cleaning etc.  We decided Hubs would go before Eve and I to get a job, and get a bit more set up.  

Just a few short weeks after we booked Hubs' ticket to leave Canada to embark on our new adventure to Australia we found out we were expecting!!!!

So what did this mean for our planned move to Australia?

Part 6 coming soon



Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

You're killing me!!

I want part 6!

I cannot imagine having to make the decision to move away from my family. I'm glad you are writing this. It helps me to get a bigger feeling of what you are going through.

I suggest you make each part just a little longer. I can't take the suspense!! ;)

Amy said...

These cliff-hangers are brutal. How soon is soon for part 6. I'm anxiously waiting. :)

fivejensenboyz said...

Wow...thank you for sharing such a personal story..I can't wait to hear more!

Tracy Rogers said...

Hi Nicole!

I cannot wait till the holiday rush is over, so I can absorb myself in your blog & get to know you. Thank you for stopping my my blog! I can't tell if you are local, or in Australia? I'm sure I will know more after I read.

Tracy/Creme de la Gems

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